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Jelard Lucas Budodi is amongst of Tanzanian Youth Politician, under CCM Umbrella, He is the key figure of ground Politics and among of the most notorious men for ground Politics and how to win Public debates, he is one of the Influential men at UVCCM, He was among of the EALA MP Aspirant 2018 Under ccm Umbrella, But no one known his admirable decision where he used to withdraw silently. He was among of distinguished key figures to the Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa in 2014. After Lowassa shifted to Chadema he remained Loyal to ccm and he supported Magufuli 2015 Election. Unrealistic information he have a desire to challenge William Ngeleja, former Minister of Energy and Minerals as well as member of Parliament in Sengerema Constituency for 2020 General Elections in Tanzania.
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