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== Viungo vya nje ==
* [ Tovuti rasmi kwa Kiingereza]
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* [ UNESCO World Heritage portal] – Official website (in English and French)
** [ The World Heritage List] – Official searchable list of all Inscribed Properties
** [ KML file of the World Heritage List] – Official [[Keyhole Markup Language|KML]] version of the list for [[Google Earth]] and [[NASA Worldwind]]
** [ UNESCO Information System on the State of Conservation of World Heritage properties] – Searchable online tool with over 3.400 reports on World Heritage sites
** [ Official overview of the World Heritage Forest Program]
** [ Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage] – Official 1972 Convention Text in 7 languages
*** [ The 1972 Convention at] – Fully indexed and crosslinked with other documents
* [ Protected Planet] — View all natural world heritage sites in the World Database on Protected Areas
* [ World Heritage Site – Smithsonian Ocean Portal]
* [,8599,1636166,00.html ''Time'' magazine. The Oscars of the Environment – UNESCO World Heritage Site]
* [ UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites]