Liturujia ya Kimungu : Tofauti kati ya masahihisho

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'''[[Makanisa ya Kiorthodoksi]]'''
* [ The liturgy of St John Chrysostom]{{Dead link|date=January 2021 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }} - as used in a parish in Great Britain
* [ The Divine Liturgies Music Project] {{Wayback|url= |date=20060819005005 }} Byzantine music in English for the Liturgies of St. John, St. Basil, St. James and the Presanctified
* [ The Divine Liturgy] Text with Bible References and line-by-line Greek to English translations
'''[[Kanisa Katoliki la Armenia]]'''
* [ The Beauty and Wisdom of the Armenian Divine Liturgy] {{Wayback|url= |date=20080317005929 }}
* [ "In Remembrance of the Lord] {{Wayback|url= |date=20110720084536 }}
*[ Arak29 Badarak (Armenian Divine Liturgy)] {{Wayback|url= |date=20120402115744 }}
* [ Armenian Badarak] {{Wayback|url= |date=20080105114624 }} Commentary