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{{commons|North Atlantic Treaty Organisation|NATO}}
* [ NATO Official Website]
* [ History of NATO – the Atlantic Alliance] - UK Government site
* [ Basic NATO Documents]
* [ The Globalization of Military Power: NATO Expansion] ''(CRG)''
* [ NATO searches for defining role]
* [ Official Article on NATO Response Force]
* [ Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports regarding NATO]
* [ Balkan Anti NATO Center, Greece]
* [ NATO Defense College]
* [ CBC Digital Archives - One for all: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation]
* [ NATO at Fifty: New Challenges, Future Uncertainties] U.S. Institute of Peace Report, March 1999
* [ NATO at 50]
* [ Ukraine shelves bid to join NATO]
* [ Operation Deny Flight fact sheet]
* [ National Model NATO]
* [ The Impact of NATO forces in Afghanistan] An analysis of the effects of the U.S. led occupation on the political and social climate of Afghanistan.
* [ ESDI evolution in NATO: The presentation of the Eurocorps-Foreign Legion concept and its Single European Regiment at the European Parliament in June 2003]
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