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== Viungo vya nje ==
* [ The Hector Berlioz Website] Comprehensive Berlioz reference site, including scores, analysis and libretti
* [ Association Nationale Hector Berlioz] The French National Berlioz Society
* [ Festival Berlioz] Held in the birthplace of the famous classical composer Hector Berlioz, this festival commemorates the man and his work
* [ The Complete Berlioz] List of works by Berlioz @ [[University of California, Davis|UC Davis]]
* [ The Berlioz Song Site] Scores and texts of Berlioz songs for voice and piano
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* [ Berlioz cylinder recordings], from the [[:en:Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project|Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project]] at the [[:en:University of California, Santa Barbara|University of California, Santa Barbara]] library
* [ Completely Berlioz] A forum and wealth of information
* [ Berlioz's Percussion Repertoire], from Bell Percussion's Composer Repertoire resource
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