Tofauti kati ya marekesbisho "Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Kipala"

Sorry about that. I actually was "moving" the article from "[[Marais wa Amerika]]" which seemed to be mislabeled. I didn't create the article and if you want to delete it go ahead. Yes, it would be nice if someone marked or deleted articles that are mumbo-jumbo so people don't bother trying to fix them. --'''[[Mtumiaji:MarsRover|MarsRover]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:MarsRover|majadiliano]])''' 14:48, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
:: hello, if there is a template in [[:en:Category:Cleanup_templates]] that might fit our need i can import it and we can label such articles. '''[[Mtumiaji:CGN2010|CGN2010]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CGN2010|majadiliano]])''' 19:12, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)