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:::This all yours: [[Herbert Grönemeyer]]! Cheers.--[[User:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="blue"><sub>'''Mwanaharakati'''</sub></font>]]</span><font face="Verdana">[[User talk:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="gray"><sup>'''Longa'''</sup></font>]] 06:12, 18 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
cool! :-) the only thing missing now is an article ''eneo Ruhr'' or ''eneo la Ruhr''. Even though two translations that are more important for me are [[Kigezo:User wikisw]] (to make some advertising...) and [[Kigezo:User browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer]] [[:en:Category:Browser user templates|etc.]] (for faster coordination between user working on templates). --'''[[Mtumiaji:CGN2010|CGN2010]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CGN2010#top|majadiliano]])''' 13:17, 18 Septemba 2010 (UTC)