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Hello Sj, do you know what would be the best summary and retrospective about the past attempts to grow dramatically at once, in particular the Google Translator Toolkit experiment? Does [[m:Machine translation]] already link the best resources available? I recently saw a pre-print of a paper which mentions WikiBhasha by Microsoft but failed to find references for Google... and Facebook's [[mailarchive:analytics/2015-January/003227.html|[Analytics] Relevant Content Availability]] suggests that people might makes the same mistakes again if there is no readily available knowledge of past attempts. --'''[[Mtumiaji:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Nemo bis|majadiliano]])''' 09:12, 17 Machi 2015 (UTC)
: Hi Nemo! GTT was used in a few big projects: The Swahili contest, and an Arabic initiative, are the two I know about. Erik was involved with the latter, and I was with the former. Some quick lessons:
:* Iterate; add stubs or 5-para articles rather than long articles to projects full of stubs; start with simple language, not college-level translation memory strings.
:* Build on templates: find categories of knowledge where infoboxes can be pretty automatically generated, with minimal review. That can be a useful step in the iteration.
:* Have good lists of articles for others to choose from: this (or a focused editathon) works better than letting people pick any topic at all.
:* Encourage writing about current events and pop culture: sports and music. These are topics that many editors will all want to edit together, and to get right.
:* Maintain balance: organize translation projects with a minimum # of existing editors comfortable w the existing communirty & process. Use the notion of competition to encourage and honor active contributors, and increase participation of infrequent contribs; and only secondarily to bring in people who start & stop contributing at the start & end of the contest.
:* Make the translation memory generated by any contest publicly available so anyone can build on it or create better toolchains, or insert their own more-appropriate TM (for instance, a lower-complexity-level TM rather than a specialist TM, if many editors are expected to be second-language writers, or high school students)
[[Mtumiaji:Sj|Sj]] [[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Sj|<font color="#f90">'''+'''</font>]] 02:39, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)