Tofauti kati ya marekesbisho "Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Baba Tabita"

== Famouse Ukrainian People or maarufu Kiukreni ==
:Hello [[Mtumiaji:Baba Tabita|Baba Tabita]]! Sorry for writing in English. I don`t understand Swahili. I ask you to contribute with translation into the Swahili language. Could you or other users of your wikipedia translate some articles, that dedicated for prominent figures in Ukraine. The list shown on the page [[Wikipedia:Makala zilizoombwa]]. It is equipped interlanguage links and given pronunciation on Latin alphabet.--'''[[Mtumiaji:Yasnodark|Yasnodark]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Yasnodark|majadiliano]])''' 11:36, 10 Aprili 2016 (UTC)