Tofauti kati ya marekesbisho "Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777"

::Also I have seen you have been wandering seeking for help from people to unblock you from the Russian Wikipedia. I think you are moving too fast om your matters - possibly that was the major problem. Calm yourself down, and see through things right before to act. You might be right, but other people don't see it the way you see it. Please take things slowly and surely you'll be there. You have never see me before, now I think I can give you some handy when necessary. Karibu sana.--[[User:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="blue"><sub>'''Mwanaharakati'''</sub></font>]]</span><font face="Verdana">[[User talk:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="gray"><sup>'''Longa'''</sup></font>]] 04:40, 10 Mei 2016 (UTC)
:::msaada tafadhali, Pleaseplease write [ here] (this talk user page) question in english language why me blocked in russian wikipedia, then wikipedia talk and then wikimail (they not understood what happened and just blocked everywhere) this very easy write (likely me block and in kiswahili wikipedia). '''[[Mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|CYl7EPTEMA777]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|majadiliano]])''' 22:11, 17 Mei 2016 (UTC)