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I am an Associate Community Officer with the Wikimedia Foundation, though my work on this username is in my capacity as a volunteer and should be treated as such. My work with the Foundation began officially on August 17th, 2010. Unless otherwise stated, any edit to this wiki by me is an act of a regular member of the community and administrator, not a legal or official action of the Community Department or any other part of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Certain actions on this username may be referenced with an OTRS number: if that's the case, please do me the courtesy of checking with me before reverting or changing.
  • Official acts by me in the line of my work will be done from my office account, User:Jalexander.
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My main focus foundation-wide is anti vandalism watching the streams from small wikis as well as the English language streams. To help with this I am both a Global sysop and a global rollbacker.

I tend to be a little slower at reverting non English sites because I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I tag something for deletion or click that undo button and will tab over to translate the changes or ask someone who knows the language before I do so unless it's obvious (one word dictionary articles etc.) I have also been known to have problems finding the right button :).

If for ANY reason you have a concern about an action I did on ANY wiki please let me know either on my talk page here or on the wiki in question. Most wikis send me an Email if I get a message so don't hesitate to use those if you would prefer. If you'd like to see what I do across the projects see my interwiki matrix

If you have any concerns or need help with something on the wiki feel free to leave me message or send me an email.