Hello there! I can see, you are using machine to translate the article. With all due respect, you're absolutely wrong. I noticed this because the sentence which is in the article are not proper. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask for it. It would be better if you don't do it late, sir. Yours,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 06:27, 5 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)

Hey there! I've seen you created a new article, but also not good, man. You copied it from the Fox and the Hound completetly. The change which you made inside of it - wasn't good anyway. However, I've created the list of the Disney series which will going to be created if you wish. For this, you need my full support. Also, it's needless to write the whole article from the English Wikipedia. What we need is to what to created the short stubs. That's all. What do you think?--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 07:19, 8 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)

Dude! The template "Mbegu-igiza-filamu-USA" does not related to the articles which you're writting. You have to wait untill one of our template creator had make it. Currently we don't have it, so, please use "mbegu" only instead of that one. Yours,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 15:37, 8 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)

Ooh, sorry. He was absolutely mistaken. The template it tells about an American actresses/actors and nor American films. So, please don't use it, sir.--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 15:50, 8 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)

Ongoing vandalismEdit

Hello! You've messed up enough. Now I see why you've been banned at there on the Spanish Wikipedia. Dude, you are too rough. And this can't tolerate anymore. I gave you my support - and told you that don't start anything till you notice me. But you went beyond from the pact. In case of this, I would rather stay away from your mess 'cause sooner or later you will be blocked. If you remember, didn't I told to stop using machine for your translation? The google machine can't help your goal because it is not pretty good at grammar - so it's ruin everything. Also, you've moved so many pages and add them into an inappropriate space. This is completely intolerable. So, before I take any measure, please stop doing vandalism and wait my help for each step you move. I am telling you all this because I respect you and I offered you my full support. Again, do not try to do something inappropriate. Yours,--  MwanaharakatiLonga 06:58, 9 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)

Do not worry. I had no choice, but to let you know. I am too cool with that, that is why I noticed you. By the way, which machine you're using to translate the articles? If google, please allow me to be your guide in each and every article which you're about start at here on the Swahili. We'll start them as a sandbox before to make them as an article. Don't you think? Also, we do not have to start them randomly as how you did on the last ones. We have to create the Disney articles from the beginning. I meant if we want to make the list from the Disney classic, then we should start over (from 1937 up to this time). Is that bad idea?--  MwanaharakatiLonga 07:04, 10 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)
Hello! I advised you to create sandbox first before to put them in the namespace, but you did not understand me. What I told was to make a new one and not those which are already on the list. That's all.--  MwanaharakatiLonga 08:19, 12 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)