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Hadithi hariri

What the hell's this suppose to mean? This is Swahili Wikipedia, so, the plot of the film should be written in Swahili. Please, don't move forward with this. I'll try translating the hadithi, but next time, please don't do it... All the best.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 05:37, 3 Julai 2009 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

I'm trying to translate it some, but will take awhile. Tinkywinkydipsylaalaapo! (majadiliano) 03:15, 7 Julai 2009 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Hey, dude. I've already translate the plot, so, hope this help. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:47, 11 Julai 2009 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

Protection hariri

Why is this page protected? Rich Farmbrough (majadiliano) 09:54, 21 Machi 2011 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

The page was protected because there was a serial of vandalism. I could not let it happen more often. Also, there was a guy who ruined the article very much. Will put semi-protected, though! Cheers!!!!!!!--MwanaharakatiLonga 09:14, 22 Machi 2011 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Hi, could you please add this template: {{Disney theatrical animated features}}? As the page is protected from the vandalism, I can't get into it. But you should know that template is for all the Disney movies. 21:17, 10 Februari 2012 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
I added it. Kkjj (majadiliano) 04:11, 11 Februari 2017 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
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