Jermana Cousin

Jermana Cousin (kwa Kifaransa: Germaine; Pibrac, Toulouse, 1579 - Pibrac, 3 Januari 1601) alikuwa bikira fukara tena mgonjwa[1] wa Ufaransa wa leo aliyevumilia mateso yote kwa imani na uvumilivu[2].

Mt. Jermana alivyochorwa na Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres mwaka 1856.

Papa Pius IX aimtangaza mwenye heri tarehe 29 Mei 1854 halafu mtakatifu tarehe 29 Juni 1867.

Sikukuu yake huadhimishwa tarehe 15 Juni[3].

Tazama piaEdit


  1. "From her birth she seemed marked out for suffering; she came into the world with a deformed hand and the disease of scrofula, and, while yet an infant, lost her mother. Her father soon married again, but his second wife treated Germaine with much cruelty. Under pretence of saving the other children from the contagion of scrofula she persuaded the father to keep Germaine away from the homestead, and thus the child was employed almost from infancy as a shepherdess. When she returned at night, her bed was in the stable or on a litter of vine branches in a garret. In this hard school Germaine learned early to practise humility and patience. She was gifted with a marvellous sense of the presence of God and of spiritual things, so that her lonely life became to her a source of light and blessing. To poverty, bodily infirmity, the rigours of the seasons, the lack of affection from those in her own home, she added voluntary mortifications and austerities, making bread and water her daily food. Her love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and for His Virgin Mother presaged the saint. She assisted daily at the Holy Sacrifice; when the bell rang, she fixed her sheep-hook or distaff in the ground, and left her flocks to the care of Providence while she heard Mass. Although the pasture was on the border of a forest infested with wolves, no harm ever came to her flocks."<
  3. Martyrologium Romanum: ex Decreto Sacrosancti oecumenici Concilii Vaticani II instauratum auctoritate Ioannis Pauli P.P. II promulgatum, Romae 2001, ISBN 8820972107

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