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Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:GerardM/Africa

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Karibu kwenye Wikipedia kwa Kiswahili!

Twamfurahia kila mmoja anayeingia na kuungana nasi. Hii ni kamusi elezo ya maandishi huru. Unaweza kuandika makala uipendayo - hata kuitafsiri kutoka katika Wikipedia kwa lugha nyingine. Kwa mawili matatu labda tazama:

Jisikie huru kuuliza swali lolote lihusianalo na Wikipedia hii. Karibu kujitambulisha kwenye "Ukurasa wa mtumiaji". Ukitaka kupata kwanza uzoefu wa kuweza kuhariri Wikipedia, tafadhali tumia ukurasa wa sanduku la mchanga. Humo unaruhusiwa kujipatia uzoefu wa uundaji wa makala za Wikipedia! Juu yako mwenyewe uandike pekee kwenye ukurasa wako wa mtumiaji baada ya kufungua akaunti. Humo uko huru kutangaza chochote upendacho. Ujue miiko: usilete kamwe matini wala picha kutoka tovuti za nje wala matangazo ya kibiashara (pamoja na kuelekeza kwa kurasa zenye matangazo). Karibu sana!

Welcome to Kiswahili Wikipedia!

We welcome you even if you don't speak Kiswahili. For a bot flag go to this site. If you try to edit entries as a non speaker better first communicate with one of our admins who will advise you. You find them at Wikipedia:Wakabidhi. And btw: NEVER post computer translated texts (like google-translate, mediawiki Content Translation etc.) nor copied texts/images from other webs to this site! And do not use links to commercial pages.

Kipala (majadiliano) 12:51, 25 Mei 2018 (UTC)

Hi Gerard, I see that you are working on a number of lists of Tanzanian politicians. I write in English as I assume that your Swahili is not yet very far advanced, if I am wrong please forgive me! As far as dates go, the American date format is understood by many but really usual. So 2011-11-5 would rather be 5 Novemba 2011. If you find time to integrate that it would be helpful. Kipala (majadiliano) 09:17, 29 Mei 2018 (UTC)

Martin Benjamin helped me change the headings in the queries. I speak no Swahili at all. I hope by providing you with these queries you may use these queries in articles. The overall point is that the not even one percent of all humans in all of Wikimedia is from Africa.. I use #AfricaGap when I blog / tweet about this.
The idea is that when updates happen, these queries will reflect this. I am trying to understand what triggers the updates. You can help by translating the text in the templates. Thanks, GerardM (majadiliano) 10:20, 29 Mei 2018 (UTC)
Sorry I have my head in other topics- Which templates do you think of? Kipala (majadiliano) 17:05, 30 Mei 2018 (UTC)
On pages like this one there is one template that informs you about the template.. The headings have been translated by a friendĀ :) Thanks, GerardM (majadiliano) 17:25, 30 Mei 2018 (UTC)

Hi Gerard, I translated this table: Mtumiaji:GerardM/Presidents of Gambia. Please nota that if possible it is better not to use the American date for at, although it will be understood by most readers. Kipala (majadiliano) 19:16, 14 Juni 2018 (UTC)

Thank you.. The next challenge will be to change the labels using a bot.. As to the date format, this is something that needs to change on the level of the representation from Wikidata. What is the preferred date format? Thanks, GerardM (majadiliano) 06:59, 16 Juni 2018 (UTC)
As for date format: usual is DD-MM-YYYY in numbers or words for MM (see Mwezi (wakati) for names).

Wards of TanzaniaEdit

Else about Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:GerardM/Wards of Tanzania: I am doubtful if this is a meaningful list. We have most wards (kata) and I never cared how that reflects on wikidata. We connect our articles to wikidata if we find an article in another language but generally did not start a wikidata entry if there was no other language. If Wikidata depends on en:wikipedia they have large gaps about Tanzanian wards, we managed to get more that 95% of all wards listed in the 2012 census report. We are not really up to date with new wards started after the census. Probably most of ours wards are under category Jamii:Mbegu za jiografia ya Tanzania. Kipala (majadiliano) 20:24, 20 Juni 2018 (UTC)

I blogged about this subject. My purpose is to have great information available about Africa and also have the basics for associated subjects. With full information on wards, we can identify more detailed where people were born. Photography projects are possible like the Geograph project in the UK.
There is so little information about Africa in the Wikimedia world that almost anything that helps expose this gap is imho important. Thanks, GerardM (majadiliano) 13:37, 21 Juni 2018 (UTC)
We are absolutely in agreement about this. If you can enter the geographical data into the articles it would be great! Though I just notice that depending in wikidata will bring some mistakes but that will be tolerable. Reason is that wikidata depends on enwiki, and enwiki is presently not up to date about the wards in TZ. I just see example en:Bukene, Tanzania; in fact there are Bukene (Nzega) and Bukene (Shinyanga). (btw: how to enter the second into wikidata? is it in already?)
And do you know how to produce maps for locations? I work very much (but rarely) stone age with screenshots from openstreetmaps, marking on paint and uploading as separate map. Appreciate coaching! Kipala (majadiliano) 06:42, 23 Juni 2018 (UTC)
There are things I can do; expose data through lists like these, complete the data. What I cannot do is include it in articles. You can move lists into the main space so that they will be found. You can ask people to help with LUA templates that retrieve the data in individual articles. I will do the same and, when there are LUA templates that cover well covered subjects, we can promote the use on other African Wikipedias. You will be better positioned but together we will have the biggest impact.
My notion of what I do is not to be perfect but to have continuing developments. When someone considers something in need of improvement, he or she is invited to make that difference. I will notice because lists on the English Wikipedia are watched by me. A lot of the work that I do is manual.. single items at at time.
As to maps, it is now possible to have OpenStreetMap maps included in Wikipedia. The map on my user page is an example.. Thanks, GerardM (majadiliano) 07:06, 23 Juni 2018 (UTC)
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