Makari II wa Aleksandria

Makari II wa Aleksandria (alifariki 14 Septemba 1128) kuanzia mwaka 1102[1] hadi kifo chake alikuwa Patriarki wa Aleksandria (Misri) na Papa wa 69 wa Kanisa la Kikopti[2] ambalo linamheshimu kama mtakatifu.

Sikukuu yake huadhimishwa tarehe ya kifo chake.

Tazama piaEdit


  1. When Pope Michael IV, the sixty-eighth pope, departed and the papal throne became vacant, a group of bishops and priests went to the wilderness of Scetes. They assembled in the church with the elders of Scetes. They remained there for many days, searching and scouting for who would be best for this position. Finally they unanimously agreed to choose this father for what was known of his good character and excellent attributes. They took him and bound him against his will, and he cried out and begged them with excuses to release him saying, "I am not fit to be raised to the dignity of the Papacy." They brought him bound to the city of Alexandria and ordained him Patriarch. The deed of his appointment was read in The Church of the Holy Virgin in the Greek, Coptic, and Arabic languages.
  2. During his papacy, he added to his worship and piety. He taught and preached the people daily. He gave alms and did works of mercy to the poor and needy. During his papacy he never asked for any of the Church's money, but rather, he used to give a large portion of the contributions which he received to be spent on different righteous deeds. He completed 27 years in the papacy and departed in peace.

Viungo vya njeEdit

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