Wikipedia:Jumuiya/Kumbukumbu 2015

Hii ni kumbukumbu ya ukurasa wa Jumuiya kwa mwaka 2015

Ukurasa wa kisasa ni Wikipedia:Jumuia

Majadiliano ya awali yamehamishiwa hapa:

Karibuni mwaka 2015Edit

Tunawatakia heri wachangiaji na wasomaji wote kwa mwaka mpya 2015.

Kura juu ya utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala mapya ("Community request to disable article page creation by anonymous/IP editors" )Edit

Napendekeza kurudia kura juu ya utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala mapya.

  • Tuliwahi kuifanya mwaka 2012, tazama Wikipedia:Jumuia/Kumbukumbu_2012_hadi_2013#Pendekezo:_Utaratibu_wa_kuanzisha_makala.
  • Nilipofuatilia ikatokea majadiliano hapa: Kumbukumbu ya majadiliano ya masteward wa Meta
  • Majibu yalinikatisha tamaa. Mwaka 2014 nilipata nafasi kujadili jambo tena na mtu wa wikimedia wako tayari kutusaidia kama bado jumuiya inakubali.
  • Nimeona ya kwamba idadi kubwa ya wikipedia hazina mabano lakini zifuatazo pamoja na Kiingereza (ambayo ni kubwa kabisa) zina: ",,, and es.books as of 2011." (yaani Kiingereza, Kifarsi, Kitamili na Kiindonesia)
  • Pendekezo lina sehemu mbili naomba kupinga au kukubali sehemu 1 na 2 pekee:
  1. "makala mapya yanaweza kuanzishwa na watumiaji waliojiandikisha pekee lakini kila mtu anaweza kufungua ukurasa wa majadiliano na kuchangia hapo". (article creation disabled for unregistered users but talk space open).
  2. "Makala yanaweza kubadilishwa na wachangiaji waliojiandikisha pekee; kurasa za majadiliao yanaweza kuhaririwa na mtu yeyote bila kujiandikisha" ("namespace edits restricted to registered users, talkspace open")
  3. Sababu: Wahariri wachache wa kudumu wanaojua utaratibu wa wikipedia wanashindwa kuangalia kila badiliko kwa hiyo makala yasiyofaa yameingia katika wikipedia yetu na mabadiliko yasiyofaa yamo ndani ya makala. (Reason: the few permanent contributors who know the rules and the system cannot keep up daily with new articles and edits, thus unsuitable articles have been joined to this wikipedia and unsuitable edits have remained"). Naomba watumiaji wote kuchangia! Kipala (majadiliano) 11:54, 3 Februari 2015 (UTC)
 Y Ninakubali bila shaka, lakini utaratibu wa kura ni gani? ChriKo (majadiliano) 23:01, 11 Februari 2015 (UTC)
 Y Nakubali. --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 06:58, 12 Februari 2015 (UTC)
 Y Nakubali ingawa sielewi vizuri matokeo yake yote. Nawaamini nyinyi. --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 15:19, 12 Februari 2015 (UTC)
 Ynakubali pande zote mbili. --Kipala (majadiliano) 20:30, 13 Februari 2015 (UTC)
 Y Nakubali bila kinyongo--MwanaharakatiLonga 13:50, 19 Februari 2015 (UTC)

ChriKo: naelewa ya kwamba tunasubiri kidogo halafu kuangalia kura zinazopatikana. --Kipala (majadiliano) 20:30, 13 Februari 2015 (UTC)

Sorry for writing in English, please translate. The change was implemented but will be reverted on 2015-09-15 unless there is a demonstration that all alternatives fail: see phabricator:T44894 and update us there (you can login with your Wikipedia account). Things to consider in a future discussion:

Alternatives the community is expected to test in this period:

If you notice a pattern in the bad edits (e.g. specific topics, words, IP addresses, sizes of the pages, links, etc. etc.), but you are not able to technically stop them, please ask technical help at m:Stewards noticeboard. --Nemo bis (majadiliano) 07:39, 17 Machi 2015 (UTC)

NB: it is almost 2015-09-15. Discussion here Sj + 02:43, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for pointing us to this discussion. I cannot log in on that page (does the programme block my Iranian IP??) so please pass my comments on. From our side nothing has changed except that the present situation has shown to be beneficial because new nonsense entries are less than before and it enabled us to start communication with a group (2,3?) of new users who started inserting Tanzanian football entries in an unacceptable form. As they had to register we could guide them to work and slightly improve their entries.
As for the idea to have a vote from "all active users" as Nemo mentioned that is in our context pretty much off our reality. (PLEASE CORREST ME IF I AM WRONG!!) If I understand the system correctly the automatic statistics count any user who does an edit as "active user". What I am able to do is to look up the last 500 changes and see who edited. Of the last 500 Edits I just looked up 459 were done by 4 of our steady editors; which are the same ones who participate in community discussions and have given their votes on the matter. About 20 edits were from international editors (information on policies, updating or changing used images (jpg > png etc), changing account names, you guys up here, etc), 5 from an South African who does not speak Swahili (thus nobody for a community debate here on sw) but managed to insert Swahili one-line-stubs on South African localities, and again a few times obviously our football fans under anonymous IPs (from different mchines in internet cafes). Plus 2 odd spammers who earned their blocks. So that is about the 500 entries I could check.
I understand that for people like you who have their experiences from large wikipedias it is difficult to understand how a small African language wikipedia works. But IF wikimedia wants to build African languages it's deciders should not act like colonial headquarters who imagine they can give orders for all corners of the planet whatever the local conditions are. We active editors here do not own this place but we have been steady here for years, knowing that it still will take time till the Swahili language environment picks up. What we are confident of. Until then we work adding quality content. Please do not make it more difficult for us. I have not seen any reason to rescind the policy we entered 6 months ago.
Naomba wenzangu wa hapa wachangie! Kipala (majadiliano) 16:38, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
It's fine to discuss here actually, so that it's easier for all editors.
I know that it's easier this way, but that was not "the deal". You were expected to try alternatives, because while an emergency block like this may be beneficial in the short run (e.g. because people register) it's proven by recent research to be harmful in the long run (e.g. how to recruit future editors if they can't start as unregistered users?).
If you have not tried any alternative so far, you have 5 days to do so. You can try/plan abuse filters and the other preventative measures listed above, see whether they would fail at improving the bad patterns you saw and explain your conclusions.
As for the active editors, no, that's the count of 5+ edits/month users. For the latest month that's 14 i.e. Baba Tabita, Kipala, Muddyb, Riccardo Riccioni, ChriKo, Alifazal, Gaudio, Moeng, Ajraddatz, Matiia, Lucas559, Kweche, TastyPoutine, MatiiaWagabaza/WagabazaMatiia. Only the first 7 have a significant contribution, but there are also Rotlink, Magioladitis, Ndesanjo, Rberetta who edited in the last year. Nemo bis (majadiliano) 19:04, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Kipala, I've sent you the discussion on Phabricator by mail. I shall soon comment but am too busy at this moment. ChriKo (majadiliano) 20:55, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Dearest Nemo Bis, be assured that I respect your work and that of your comittee because you are volunteers like us ourselves. So please forgive me if I ask you if you really wanted to use this kind of language?
I appreciate greatly if you show us the "proven recent research" of restrictions about harmful effects on small African language wikis like ours. As far as I can see unregistered editors are not at all restricted to edit. Do I see this wrongly? On a small wiki like here it is definitely harmful when the space is filled with gibberish entries, which still happens too often as we have problems monitoring due to our mall numbers.
I am grateful that you remind me of recent contributors I could not trace. This would be helpful indeed if you showed me how to find them (I wrote that I only know how to trace the last 500 edits - is it legal for you to share that knowledge with me how-to??). So I am reminded that there is indeed one recent contributor Alifazal who would be able to participate in our discussion IF he wanted -please see his personal page - ALL the others either are not able to communicate in Kiswahili or are long out (I do not consider last years contributors as active - is that a new rule??? Our esteemed friend Ndesanjo has shown up every 2 years - see above on this page - we keep him as "admin" because he used to be one of our founding fathers, that is "kwa heshima" as we say in Swahili).
I invited above all community members to contribute -however as our tiny community works there is no guarantee many will be able to react according to your ultimatum because several of us have intense periods of traveling and work... Let's see.
As for a "deal" (nice way to put it) - sorry I do not see that any of your listed proposals works for us. We do not have the capacity to go for flagged edits (labeled as hard to execute in the link you sent) not do we have the capacity to set up a "bad words list". How do you thinks this is to be done with 4-5 active admins who are not daily on the job?? Please explain!!!!! And what helps for edits where people try to promote themselves (very frequent here - people inserting their names, sometimes phone nos or email adresses, or just writing about themselves because they do not understand the difference between a user page and an article ????). We only can patrol new edits, block, revert -and we are happy when they have registered so that we at least can try to communicate - as in the case of our sports friends who took much time ...
By the way - did you transfer my remarks to the phabricator page as I asked you kindly to do? Kipala (majadiliano) 23:21, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Kipala: I believe the research that Nemo is referring to is here, specifically: "in wikis that allow article creation by anonymous editors, their survival rate was/is substantially higher than that of recently registered new editors. In most cases, anons were twice as likely to create an article that would stick than newcomers with less than a day of tenure." We don't know the statistics for Swahili Wikipedia specifically, but there's a good chance that that trend applies here as well. Regardless, we're probably going to postpone turning anonymous page cretion back on until we hear from more editors here. Kaldari (majadiliano) 00:00, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for giving this link. I see, however, not much reason to assume that these trends should apply here. If anybody has an argument to show that the mechanisms on most large wikipedias should be valid on small African language wikis with a VERY different sociology and behaviour of users and editors - let him show it. Otherwise we just move around in the realm of beliefs, not facts. Kipala (majadiliano) 19:07, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
The link was already provided at the top of the section... but I also meant the more recent wm2015:Submissions/The_Effect_of_Blocking_IP_Editing:_Evidence_from_Wikia which also considered wikis about the same size as this or smaller. --Nemo bis (majadiliano) 13:48, 13 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
How does this concern our discussion? From the description they looked at something different: allowing edits for anonymous participants. That is not our discussion. I cannot see the video (I am living in 2.7-world-internetwise) - do I assume correctly that they looked ONLY at English language media? Ok I mentioned several times that sociology and behaviour of users are markedly different on African language wikis (I assume same for many small ex-colonial Asian languages). I you dont understand that - pls ask. Kipala (majadiliano) 18:14, 13 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
A visit to the Wikia website convinces me that these are essentially English language wikis. As Kipala rightly mentions, the culture in Africa is different, so research should be done on African language wikis. But in any case, all this does not invalidate our argument that the few people who are actively editing contributed content, don't have the time to deal with vandals and similar people. We would rather concentrate on registered contributers, which is already a big job as it is. ChriKo (majadiliano) 20:47, 13 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
I'm with Kipala. Please, let you consider our experience. --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 07:49, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Whatever it is, it doesn't help us at all. Our Wikipedia is very small and we don't look that much into new articles area which is why I support Kipala's idea on stopping unnamed persons to contribute here. We've experienced a lot bad stuff -at least for the past few months ago we were good. Please do the needful to make it work. Best, Muddyb, or--MwanaharakatiLonga 09:47, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
I would like to add my voice to what my fellow admins are saying. In principle, I don't like blocking anonymous contributors either, but in the case of our Wikipedia, it's the only way to prevent it from being inundated by very bad contributions. I can only repeat that most of us don't have the time for managing the Wikipedia using your suggested solutions. We would rather use our precious time to contribute quality articles and to improve ones that are not yet fully up to scratch. Thanks for your consideration and postpone reverting to the old situation. ChriKo (majadiliano) 14:59, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)
Sorry for late and short reply - I'm out of easy internet access until Sep 28 (yes, that's also one reality of our small wikipedia!). I definitely support the blocking of article creation by anonymous contributors for the same reasons that ChriKo mentioned here above. I don't have more time right now. Wasalaam, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 21:05, 12 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

Administrator's inactivityEdit

Hi. I would like to notify a community of this project that stewards and their delegates are checking activity of admistrators in accordance with the AAR policy. On this Wikipedia one user with these rights (User:Ndesanjo) is inactive for more than two years. As I see here, sysop rights are removed after a vote. Is it an official local policy? Openbk (talk) 23:25, 6 Februari 2015 (UTC)

This correct. Kipala (majadiliano) 19:07, 8 Februari 2015 (UTC)

Tshirt kwa wikipedia ya KiswahiliEdit

Hapo mapendekezo mawili kwa Tshirt ya Wikipedia ya Kiswahili. Nimetunga chaguo 2 kwa mbele na 2 kwa nyuma. Naomba mawazo yenu!

Mapendekezo kwa Tshirt ya Wikipedia ya Kiswahili

Kwa mifano ya rangi mwangalie hapa: na

Kwa hiyo tunaweza kutumia kitambaa cheupecheupe na logo/maandishi nyeusi au kinyume. Mawazo yenu! Kipala (majadiliano) 09:08, 7 Februari 2015 (UTC)

Napenda zaidi maandishi marefu: ya chini kwa mbele, ya juu kwa nyuma. Ila ya kwanza yamekosea: ni "naandika" si "naandike". Asante, Kipala! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 10:28, 7 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Ninakubaliana na Riccardo kuhusu maandishi. Kuhusu rangi ninapendelea kitambaa cheupe na maandishi meusi. ChriKo (majadiliano) 11:53, 8 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Nawaunga mkono: ya chini kwa mbele, ya juu kwa nyuma. Kuhusu rangi napendelea kuvaa nyeusi, yaani maandishi meupe. Je, lazima tuchague rangi moja tu, au inawezekana kupata idadi kadhaa kuwa nyeupe na idadi kadhaa nyeusi? --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 17:22, 8 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Haya juu ya maandishi tunakubaliana. kuhusu rangi naunga mkono na Baba Tabita lakini si kitu sana. Naona Ricccardo aseme maana anajua watu wake. Saizi ziwe tofauti, nadhani, XXXL pamoja na ndogo zaidi. Swali kwa Riccardo: uliniandikia ya kwamba unajua mahali pale Dar wanapotengeneza Tshirt. Je unafikiri ya kwamba unaweza kuagiza huko? Wanahitaji nini? Kipala (majadiliano) 19:13, 8 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Leo hii rafiki yangu anakwenda Dar kutengeneza tisheti 400 zenye maandishi ya shule kwa ajili ya wanafunzi kwa Tsh. 5,000 kila moja. Kwa kitambaa bora zaidi ni TSh. 6,500. Kwa nakala chache, sijui. Amani kwenu! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 10:16, 9 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Nakubali kuagiza hizi tisheti kwa gharama ya dola 150. Nitaagiza rangi mbalimbali: au siyo? --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 13:57, 13 Februari 2015 (UTC)
Asante sana. Agiza tu rangi unazopendelea. Kipala (majadiliano) 20:02, 15 Februari 2015 (UTC)

Badiliko: Makala mapya yataanzishwa na wachangiaji waliojiandikisha pekeeEdit

Wikimedia wamekubali ombi letu (ling. Wikipedia:Jumuia#Kura_juu_ya_utaratibu_wa_kuanzisha_makala_mapya_.28.22Community_request_to_disable_article_page_creation_by_anonymous.2FIP_editors.22_.29) kwa muda wa miezi 6. Kipala (majadiliano) 21:43, 12 Machi 2015 (UTC)

Takwimu za makala za wikipedia: njia ya panya ipo!Edit

Wapendwa tulisikitika ya kwamba ukurasa wa ulioturuhusu kuona makala gani inatazamiwa mara ngapi kwa siku haufanyi kazi tena. Kuna ukurasa mwingine ni lakini huu hauonyeshi chaguo la Kiswahili. ILA TU inawezekana kupata matokeo kwa kuifungua kwa -tuseme- Kiingereza, halafu kubadilisha kifupi cha "en" kwa "sw" tayari tunapata majibu! naweza kuandika jina la ukurasa wowote wa kwetu LAKINI unahitaji kuandika katika mstari wa anwani pekee. Kwa mfano: Kipala (majadiliano) 22:05, 25 Machi 2015 (UTC)

ContentTranslation - kifaa kipya cha MediaWiki.orgEdit

Wapendwa, nilikaribishwa kujiunga na kifaa kipya cha "Content_translation" kilichoundwa na (tovuti kwa kuendeleza programu za wikimedia pamoja na wikipedia). Naelewa kifaa hiki iko bado katika hali ya majaribio kwa hiyo hakipatikani kwa watu wote bado. Mnavyojua mimi si rafiki wa tafsiri ya kompyuta baada ya maarifa mabaya tuliyokuwa nayo miaka 5 iliyopita kwenye mashindano ya google.

  • kifaa cha Content_translation bado haiwezi kutafsiri kwa Kiswahili
  • ukijaribu kitafungua dirisha yenye sehemu mbili: upande mmoja unachagua makala asili, kwa mfano ya Kiingereza (au lugha nyingine), upande mwingine utachagua lugha unayolenga (k.m. Kswahili) na sehemu uliyochagua za matini asilia (ya Kiingereza) inaonekana hapa.
  • halafu unabofya "translate"
  • itakuambia ya kwamba tafsiri kwa Kiswahili bado haifanyi kazi, dirisha upande wa Kiswahili inaendelea kuonyesha matini ya Kiingereza
  • LAKINI sasa una nafasi ya kuihifadhi. Nimeijaribu kumba nikapata makala mpya "linganifu" katika wikipedia yetu na ndani yake matini ya Kiingereza niliyowahi kuchagua awali.

Ni tumaini yangu ya kwamba kifaa hiki hakitapatikana kwa umma kwa muda mrefu. Inaonekana kuna lugha ambako matokeo ni afadhali na wahariri wa huku wanapenda kutumia tafsiri ya kompyuta. Machoni pangu bado miaka mingi hadi tafsiri kompyuta itafanya kazi kwa Kiswahili. Mimi siipendi kabisa, nikawaomba waondoe nafasi ya Kiswahili katika programu hii. Tazama Ikipatikana itakaribisha watu kucheza-cheza nahofia matokeo mabaya. Kipala (majadiliano) 06:36, 24 Mei 2015 (UTC)

Vifupisho vya lughaEdit

Wapendwa, nikitunga makala mpya na lemma ni neno lenye asili ya nje napenda kudokeza asili ya neno kwa kuongeza lugha na neno asilia kwa mabano; vilevile kwa lemma nyingi za sayansi na teknolojia ambayo majina yanajulikana zaidi kwa Kiingereza naongeza Kiingereza kwa mabano. Hapo napendelea kutumia vifupisho, hasa ing. kwa Kiingereza, far. kwa Kifaransa, lat. kwa Kilatini na kadhalika.

Naona wengine wetu hawapendezwi mno nayo, na kuna masahihisho kubadilisha vifupisho kuwa virefusho :-). Sina neno ila napenda kusema kwa nini naifanya vile. Kama jina la lemma linaelezwa palepale mwanzoni sipendi kuvunja sentensi ya kwanza kwa mabano marefu. Nadhani hii inaongeza ugumu wa kusoma.

Ni tofauti kama lemma yenyewe inahitaji maelezo zaidi ni afadhali kuacha mabano na kuwa na kifungu cha "etimolojia". Naona katika kamusi nyingi ni jambo la kawaida ila tu naona tangu nimeanza ya kwamba Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu ya TUKI inatumia pia vifupisho lakini tofauti.

Hapo Swali langu ni: Je tukitumia vifupisho ya lugha je umbo ni muhimu namna gani? Natoa mifano ya vifupisho vya Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu (na zile ambazo mimi natumia siku hizi): Kng (ing.), Kar (ar.), Kaj (aj.), Kbr, Kch, Kfa (far.), Khi, Kgk (gir.), Kje (jer.), Kjp, Kla (lat.), Kre, Ktu (tur.),

Niongeze ya kwamba hapo zamani nilitumia vifupisho tofauti za kufanana na hizi za Kamusi kama "Kijer" , Kiing" lakini baadaye nikaona nifupishe zaidi. Manonaje - muhimu au la ilhali kuna viungo?Kipala (majadiliano) 14:38, 21 Juni 2015 (UTC)

How can we improve Wikimedia grants to support you better?Edit

My apologies for posting this message in English. Please help translate it if you can.


The Wikimedia Foundation would like your feedback about how we can reimagine Wikimedia Foundation grants, to better support people and ideas in your Wikimedia project. Ways to participate:

Feedback is welcome in any language.

With thanks,

I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources, Wikimedia Foundation.

(Opt-out Instructions) This message was sent by [[::User:I JethroBT (WMF)|I JethroBT (WMF)]] through MediaWiki message delivery. 23:09, 18 Agosti 2015 (UTC)

Article requestsEdit

Is there a central place where I may post article requests? WhisperToMe (majadiliano) 18:08, 6 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

Not really. Try here,but we are only 5 steady editors, and not everybody online each week. If your (undoubtedly important) requests are not really sexy for Swahili eyes, they might rest for a while... Sorry. Kipala (majadiliano) 22:17, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

Kura juu ya utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala mapya, 2015-09Edit

#Kura juu ya utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala mapya ("Community request to disable article page creation by anonymous/IP editors" ) --Nemo bis (majadiliano) 06:08, 10 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

New Wikipedia Library Database Access (September 2015)Edit

Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:

  • EBSCOHost - this is one of our largest access donations so far: access to a wide variety of academic, newspaper and magazine sources through their Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete and MasterFILE Complete
  • - historical newspapers from the United States, Canada, UK and 20 other countries, and includes an Open Access "clipping" feature (1000 accounts)
  • IMF Elibary- a digital collection of the IMF's reports, studies and research on global economics and development (50 accounts)
  • Sabinet - one of the largest African digital publishers, based in South Africa, with a wide range of content in English and other European and African languages (10 accounts)
  • Numérique Premium - a French language social science and humanities ebook database, with topical collections on a wide range of topics (100)
  • Al Manhal - an Arabic and English database with a wide range of sources, largely focused on or published in the Middle East (60 accounts)
  • Jamalon - an Arabic book distributor, who is providing targeted book delivery to volunteers (50 editors)

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page, including expanded accounts for Elsevier ScienceDirect, British Medical Journal and Dynamed and additional accounts for Project MUSE, DeGruyter,, Highbeam and HeinOnline. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 19:42, 16 September 2015 (UTC)

We need help! Help us coordinate Wikipedia Library's distribution of accounts, communication of access opportunities and more! Please join our team at our new coordinator signup.
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Only one week left for Individual Engagement Grant proposals!Edit

(Apologies for using English below, please help translate if you are able.)

There is still one week left to submit Individual Engagement Grant (IEG) proposals before the September 29th deadline. If you have ideas for new tools, community-building processes, and other experimental projects that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers, start your proposal today! Please encourage others who have great ideas to apply as well. Support is available if you want help turning your idea into a grant request.

I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources 21:01, 22 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

30.000 articlesEdit

Congratulations from als:wp! --Holder (majadiliano) 04:50, 24 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

Reimagining WMF grants reportEdit

(My apologies for using English here, please help translate if you are able.)

Last month, we asked for community feedback on a proposal to change the structure of WMF grant programs. Thanks to the 200+ people who participated! A report on what we learned and changed based on this consultation is now available.

Come read about the findings and next steps as WMF’s Community Resources team begins to implement changes based on your feedback. Your questions and comments are welcome on the outcomes discussion page.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 16:56, 28 Septemba 2015 (UTC)

VisualEditor News #5—2015Edit

Elitre (WMF), 18:18, 30 Oktoba 2015 (UTC)

Community Wishlist SurveyEdit

Community Tech Team via MediaWiki message delivery (majadiliano) 21:58, 9 Novemba 2015 (UTC)

Wikimania 2016 scholarships ambassadors neededEdit

Hello! Wikimania 2016 scholarships will soon be open; by the end of the week we'll form the committee and we need your help, see Scholarship committee for details.

If you want to carefully review nearly a thousand applications in January, you might be a perfect committee member. Otherwise, you can volunteer as "ambassador": you will observe all the committee activities, ensure that people from your language or project manage to apply for a scholarship, translate scholarship applications written in your language to English and so on. Ambassadors are allowed to ask for a scholarship, unlike committee members.

Wikimania 2016 scholarships subteam 10:49, 10 Novemba 2015 (UTC)

Harassment consultationEdit

Please help translate to your language

The Community Advocacy team the Wikimedia Foundation has opened a consultation on the topic of harassment on Meta. The consultation period is intended to run for one month from today, November 16, and end on December 17. Please share your thoughts there on harassment-related issues facing our communities and potential solutions. (Note: this consultation is not intended to evaluate specific cases of harassment, but rather to discuss the problem of harassment itself.)

Regards, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation

Your input requested on the proposed #FreeBassel banner campaignEdit

This is a message regarding the proposed 2015 Free Bassel banner. Translations are available.

Hi everyone,

This is to inform all Wikimedia contributors that a straw poll seeking your involvement has just been started on Meta-Wiki.

As some of your might be aware, a small group of Wikimedia volunteers have proposed a banner campaign informing Wikipedia readers about the urgent situation of our fellow Wikipedian, open source software developer and Creative Commons activist, Bassel Khartabil. An exemplary banner and an explanatory page have now been prepared, and translated into about half a dozen languages by volunteer translators.

We are seeking your involvement to decide if the global Wikimedia community approves starting a banner campaign asking Wikipedia readers to call on the Syrian government to release Bassel from prison. We understand that a campaign like this would be unprecedented in Wikipedia's history, which is why we're seeking the widest possible consensus among the community.

Given Bassel's urgent situation and the resulting tight schedule, we ask everyone to get involved with the poll and the discussion to the widest possible extent, and to promote it among your communities as soon as possible.

(Apologies for writing in English; please kindly translate this message into your own language.)

Thank you for your participation!

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Community Wishlist SurveyEdit

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New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (December 2015)Edit

Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:

  • Gale - multidisciplinary periodicals, newspapers, and reference sources - 10 accounts
  • Brill - academic e-books and journals in English, Dutch, and other languages - 25 accounts
  • Finnish Literature Society (in Finnish)
  • Magiran (in Farsi) - scientific journal articles - 100 articles
  • Civilica (in Farsi) - Iranian journal articles, seminars, and conferences - 50 accounts

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page, including EBSCO, DeGruyter, and Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 01:01, 11 December 2015 (UTC)

Help us a start Wikipedia Library in your language! Email us at
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Tovuti mpyaEdit

Salaam Aleikum! Nawasihi mtengeneze tovuti hii Tuimarishe lugha yetu ya Kiswahili kwani lugha ya Afrika

>Aleik assalaam. Unatafuta nini katika tovuti mpya? Kipala (majadiliano) 22:08, 16 Desemba 2015 (UTC)

Nataka mwirekebishe mahali nilipoenda segemnege na pia mmweke habari si haba

Get involved in Wikipedia 15!Edit

This is a message from the Wikimedia Foundation. Translations are available.

As many of you know, January 15 is Wikipedia’s 15th Birthday!

People around the world are getting involved in the celebration and have started adding their events on Meta Page. While we are celebrating Wikipedia's birthday, we hope that all projects and affiliates will be able to utilize this celebration to raise awareness of our community's efforts.

Haven’t started planning? Don’t worry, there’s lots of ways to get involved. Here are some ideas:

Everything is linked on the Wikipedia 15 Meta page. You’ll find a set of ten data visualization works that you can show at your events, and a list of all the Wikipedia 15 logos that community members have already designed.

If you have any questions, please contact Zachary McCune or Joe Sutherland.

Thanks and Happy nearly Wikipedia 15!
-The Wikimedia Foundation Communications team

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