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Archive Hii ni ukurasa wa Hifadhi ya Majadiliano ya Awali. Usihariri ukurasa huu usiongeze wala kupunguza kitu.
Ukitaka kujadiliana upya mambo yaliyomo humo nenda kwa ukurasa wa majadiliano ya sasa.
Muddy, salaam, nasikia kuna uchungu kidogo hewani kwa sababu ambazo hazieleweki sana kwangu. Ninakuomba sana usiondoke hapa! Maana bila wewe wikipdia hii itakosa msingi muhimu. Unaonaje? --Kipala (majadiliano) 17:52, 26 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Ndugu Muddy... you are one of the best admins here. what a shame to lose your mentoring and spirit here! I have really enjoyed seeing sw:wp grow while you've been here, and dearly hope you will reconsider. Sj + 18:36, 26 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Sawa. Lakini ningependelea zaidi kupoa kidoogo. Angalau niweze kutuliza munkali nilionao kwa sasa. Samahani sana.--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:38, 27 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Haya mwenzangu natumaini sana hutapotea hapa. Maana mradi ninaojali ni hii wikipedia ya kiswahili. Miradi mingine za wikimedia sijali yaani kwa Kiswahili hakuna hata 1 utakaostawi kama hatuna sw-wikipedia kwanza. Na bila wewe si rahisi kuona maendleo karibuni. Yaani nimewahi kufanya kaz hapa pekee yangu baadaye pamoja na Oliver lakini tangu umefika nimesikia kuna msingi. Kwa hiyo usituache porini! --Kipala (majadiliano) 00:45, 28 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Mzee wangu nimekoma! Basi ninaendelea japo kwa upole! Ahsante kwa kunihamasisha. Shukrani sana.--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:53, 28 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Translatewiki looks great! See you around. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 14:30, 28 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Hell, yeah! Have you ever been there?--MwanaharakatiLonga 16:46, 28 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Karibu tena . Kumbe krismasi na idd siku moja! --Kipala (majadiliano) 21:26, 28 Julai 2010 (UTC)
Alivyoandika Kipala, krismasi na idd kwa siku moja, yaani siku ya kurudi kwako. Asante kwa kurudi, na karibu tena sana tena sana!!! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 04:49, 29 Julai 2010 (UTC)

Salam, wazee wangu! Mnadhani ninaweza kuwaacha njia ya panda? La-hasha si rahisi kufanya hivyo! Bado naziandaa makala zangu nikiwa nyumbani. Siku ya kuzimwaga - nadhani patachimbika! Salaam tele kutoka mjini Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ziwafikie. Halafu bila kusahau, mwaka wa kesho Tanzania inajenga Ulaya ndogo kule mjini Kigamboni! Wasalaam.--MwanaharakatiLonga

Translation help

Hey can you create the Selena article for this wiki? and can you create her discography of her albums like what you did to Christina Milian? Please and thank you, en:Selena on the English wikipedia (featured article). Thank you so much! AJona1992 (majadiliano) 02:22, 5 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Hello, pal! I cannot help you right now. I'm kinda busy and I've got a bunch of articles which still waiting to be created! So, I'm sorry can't help you right now.--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:18, 5 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
good news: there are some more portals, and the main portals all start to get a streamlined look (construction site). For Lango:Jiografia it needs a sentence or two for the introduction and there was none in Jiografia, so i hope you can translate an introduction from another wiki, e.g. en:Geography or simple:Geography ("simple" i think is better)? i will then copy it into the portal. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:48, 8 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
Hey, what's up? Hope it's cool! Was in vacation as you know... Why not? It's cool man I'm gonna make it look better as you requested, man. Also, I really like the new langos! They have a very few correction which is not big deal anymore! Let me do it, cheers...--MwanaharakatiLonga 05:22, 9 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

what about if i move all sorts "by continent" categories into a common category, similar to the way we have it for countries (nchi kwa nchi). The corresponding category on en would be en:category:categories by continent. Would the sw categories follow the same scheme as the countries i.e. "XY bara kwa bara"? see jamii:jiografia for an example. it would help clarifying a lot of categories. Greetings. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:08, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Jamii:Watu has several subcategories for "Living people": among others: Watu Walio, Hai Watu, Walio hai, Watu walohai. which one sounds the most common to use? I also want to link that ONE category to Lango:Biografia. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:55, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)


Hey, i have given the Portal a background colour (same as Lugha) and also created Lango:Afrika/Wasifu uliochaguliwa - do you want to expand it? To change the selected person on the portal, just change the number there (twice). CGN2010 (majadiliano) 16:30, 10 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Sure :-) I'll do that! Maybe tomorrow? Hope so... Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga 16:48, 10 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Just a note before it gets lost: 67 KK has been the 19.000 article! CGN2010 (majadiliano) 19:34, 14 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
Hi Muddy, i have some questions and some work for you :-)) -> 1) i need the right word for "decade", we now have articles for all the dacades from the 2000s back, and they have a header template, which is imported from wp:de. (As i didnt know the sw word for decade i have left the german word for it, but like to move this template - you know, no harm for redirected templates... I also need the name for "decades" (plural) to put in a new category-name (the template collects articles automatically in categories, similarily like our geo-stubs...) . -> 2) we now have a new template for various kalendars to go into year articles like here or here. I dont know about some of the kalendar names in sw, so would you help me at Majadiliano ya kigezo:Kalenda za Dunia? By the way, my thought was to always have the kalendar next to the "births" sections, just so that those people get respected to whichever kalendar they feel assoziated with... -> 3 All years in general now have a new header, which is here nothing really to do, other than knowing that Lango:Historia now has some 3.000 articles more linking to it. Same actually goes for the calendar articles, etc. -> 4) Not all years yet have/had the old/new header in it, i went through 100s of them, but there are many left. Also, the kalendar box is set up independently of the header (for above mentioned births reason), so one has to go through all the articles again. if we can have a bot do some work on all years, that would be great: its really all repetitive work. The good thing is that because of the large number of year articles, and by linking all the years, we can increase the depth of wikipedia a lot. and its a cheap win, as it is all so repetitive. -5) i would like to see some new statistical graphs if you have a chance. your blog or maybe my email. thanks + speak soon. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:02, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

PS: some more i just remember: 6) what is the better word for millenium: "milenia" as already in the articles about karne (e.g. Karne ya 19) or "mwongo"? 7) The header in all years has links to >> Lango la Historia | Lango la Biografia (?) | Karibuni (?) | Orodha ya Miaka << Does that sound ok? "Karibuni" (is "Habari ya karibuni" better?) is supposed to link to the current month (whenever sw is actually getting such a page? - but at least the set up is ready) CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:58, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Hello, big brother! Sorry for the delay. Here we go:

1. Decade = muongo: kipindi cha miaka kumi - or in plural form as miongo! 2. Kalenda za Dunia - everything okay, but for Kalenda ya Kiyahud maybe the Kalenda ya Kiebrania would be much better. Other things went pretty well. Congrats! 3. What can I do for you on the question number three? Didn't get exactly you wanted! 4. As for the question number, possibly Mr. Accountable could help with it. He's the only one who currently running the bot on this wiki. We need to tell him exactly what we want then I'm pretty sure he's gonna help us. 5. You will see the graphics through my blog and of course if wants me to send it to you via mail I can do that for you. 6. Millennium = milenia as for my dictionary's translation! 7. Lango la Biografia (ok), Karibuni (ok), Does that sound ok! Indeed. Habari ya karibuni you meant one? If it's that, then it's okay!

Is Wasifu better than Biografia? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 17:34, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Your precious friend, Muddyb au--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:17, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Hello, i have changed the muongo and miongo. "kalenda ya Kiyahudi" was one of the few i found on wp (and google) - even though your suggestion is also in use. I was more concerned about "Kalenda ya Kiarmenia" and "Kalenda ya Kihindu" . Is there someone an expert on kalendas? Question nr 3 was actually not a question (just a note) . Oh: and i will change the milenia. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 11:57, 16 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

I think you're right! Wasifu is better than "biografia". Keep it up, bro!--MwanaharakatiLonga 05:29, 17 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
"Kalenda ya Kiarmenia" and "Kalenda ya Kihindu" is absolutely ok. Kipala (majadiliano) 08:28, 17 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
I can see that you're an expert on that kind of field!--MwanaharakatiLonga 08:43, 17 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Salam, good afternoon!

Sorry to bother you, I apologize sincerely I don't speak Swahili so I hope you'll forgive me for using English. My name is Claudi Balaguer (User Capsot from the Catalan and Occitan Wikipedias) and I'm currently working on a campaign to help our association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" in order to be accepted as a Chapter (an intermediate superstructure between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikipedias), demand which hasn't been accepted until now because Catalan is not a/one state language. I think you understand very well what it is to speak a minorized language, to strive to protect and preserve it and I hope you will think our cause is just since it might open the door to all the minorized or stateless languages which can't currently apply for a Chapter even though they might be organized and working hard! In order to support us, you can paste the following template Wikimedia CAT in your userpage and/or sign the link of the template. Thanks again for your attention, I wish you a pleasant, sunny and warm summertime, take care, Capsot (majadiliano) 12:24, 17 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Pretty good blog

Hi, good morning, I'm just sitting around editing and listening to, The 360° Experience in Music 'ALL DAY SUNDAY' from Chuo Kikuu cha Brown. Kiing note: pretty fast, pretty good, pretty nice, pretty faster, pretty better pretty nicer. ... have a nice day, Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:44, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Good video at 360.WBRU Carlito Scarface Un-Retired)" > Okay, I’m Reloaded! (How Carlito Scarface Un-Retired) Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:56, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)
Thank you! It's my bad!--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:31, 23 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Hello Muddyb Blast Producer, could you take a look at Wikipedia:Jumuia#Help with Swahili Wikibooks logo? Thanks. :-) Cbrown1023 majadiliano 02:36, 24 Agosti 2010 (UTC)


commons edition at: commons:Mwanzo. i have started with a translation of the en:Main Page. Its the main page on commons for the interface in sw. if you like to translate some more, we could also change the link on the sw:Mwanzo for commons (and actually also for Wikitabu and Wikamusi. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:01, 30 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Hello, dear friend! That's good idea. However, I've already start doing translation on the main page - see here. You will find things already start. But there is so many things need doing. Of course time is my major obstacle. But if you really wants to make this happen, I guess I have no choice (let's rock and roll)! Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga

ok, i have incorporated your tranlation of the database line, and was translating "database" as "hifadhidata". is it "hifadhidata" or "kanzidata"? do you want to include the temporary "Image donation" paragraph, as that might need to be updated on a monthly basis? a lot of the small wikis on commons dont have that paragraph eighter.... - i will ask Mr. A. too, to update the wp:sw main page. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:20, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Kuzuia akaunti

Salaam kuna mtu 1 aliyeandikisha akaunti jana kwa jina ndefu sana inayoanza "My name is Bsadowski1..." na jina hili linajaa matusi. Nashindwa kumfuta kwa sababu filta ya hapa inanizuia kufungua ukurasa kutokana na matusi ndani ya jina. Naomba umwalize wewe, umfute na kuzuia URL daima. 20:35, 1 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Salam tena, umeniingiza choo cha kike. Kumbe yule jamaa ni mpiganaji wa uharabu kwenye mawiki kadhaa. Wewe umesema jina lake lina matusi na blla kukujua wewe ni nani - nimekurupuka kumzuia. Ngoja kwanza, jina ulilotoa halikuwepo kwenye orodha ya watumiaji na badala yake nimepata jina linalofana na lile na kumzuia mpiganaji mwema. Ndugu, bas siku nyingine si useme wewe ni nani? Samahani sana. Wako,--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:46, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)


Good evening. i need some help, the dictionary cannot do: Mr. A and i were talking about displaying some more organisation of all the articles, by starting some basic wikiprojects (in key areas). Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CGN2010/sandbox/10 lists some mradi already in progress, but i am not sure how to name them the most appropriate way (i think the wa is wrong already, as the projects are all in the singular form?).

Yes, all in singular form!

If you take "Geography" as an example, it has names such as "en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Geography", "fr:Projet:Géographie", "es:Wikiproyecto:Geografía" or "sv:Wikipedia:Projekt geografi" (also to show every wiki is doing it to their taste). I would like to have the "Wikipedia:" in the pagename, as i think it is good to emphasize that it is not part of the namespace (unlike the Milango). So which one would you suggest:

  • Wikipedia:Mradi la Jiografia
  • Wikipedia:Mradi ya Jiografia
  • Wikipedia:Mradi Jiografia - or anything else? I will then apply that standard to all mradi. Cheers CGN2010 (majadiliano) 01:02, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

  • Wikipedia:Mradi la Jiografia
  • Wikipedia:Mradi ya Jiografia
  • Wikipedia:Mradi Jiografia
  • Wikipedia:Mradi wa Jiografia - this is it! Cheers!--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:30, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Hi there. i want to add more links for people to get involved (and increase the depth of wp:sw): Kigezo:Mradi wa Tanzania is a tag to go into all talk pages of articles, related to Tanzania. Please check if you can improve the Swahili. i have started with the wilayas: this tag will soon be on 3,000 talk pages. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:11, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Ok, as a start, Jamii:Makala za mradi wa Tanzania has at the moment 2,900 articles in it (all articles in jamii and vijamii from Jamii:Wilaya za Tanzania). The tag Kigezo:Mradi wa Tanzania needs translation and i can copy it do the same for e.g. Kenya or Ujerumani. (it also needs a proper sorting by PAGENAME). Is that all ok with you? Any corrections wanted? / Looks like as of today you have some more to talk on your blog... Is supposed to get a page like the Wikipedia:Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge? If a question like that comes up, Wikipedia:Mradi wa Afya can also serve as a platform. "Lets rock and roll..." CGN2010 (majadiliano) 14:27, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I've tried to translate the kigezo:Mradi wa Tanzania, but as you said, there is some problem of sorting style. I don't even know how to make it work. Sometimes I wish I would add "ya" right in front of pagetype - pit it doesn't work properly. Maybe try to check it out then talk to you soon. I'm very much sorry for the delay! Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga 08:49, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)


Ahoy! I wanted to let you know that it appears that you may have accidentally blocked User:Bsadowski1. There have been attacks on him by Cross project vandals who created the pages that were deleted recently. He is a Checkuser on the Simple English Wikipedia, an Administrator on 3 projects (English Wikipedia, Simple English and Meta) and a Global rollbacker who helps clean up vandalism across many projects. You can see his contributions here reverting vandalism (here). I know he's upset that he got blocked and it would be great if you were able to unblock him at your earliest convenience, mistakes obviously happen. Let me know if you have any questions! Jamesofur (majadiliano) 06:35, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Hoi, someone asked me to block him. He said that the name has many bad means and so decided to block as requested. Also, that someone who asked to block him wrote in my native language and consider it as one of my fellow admin or former admin. Pity, his/her name was not appeared! I will definitely unblock him right away! Thanks for the info.--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:22, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Imefanyika.--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:57, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
Thank you very much! Aye it appears it was one of the guys who was attacking him :( But it is inevitable that mistakes will happen :) Thank you! Jamesofur (majadiliano) 09:50, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Uso mpya wa wikipedia

Jamani napenda kujua ni nani aliyebadilisha uso wa wikipedia yetu ufuata muundo mpya? Kuliuwa na mjajadiliano na wapi? Sipendezwi sana nayo. Nimeona katika wikipedia nyingine waliwapa watu nafasi ya kujadiliana na hata chaguo. Kipala (majadiliano) 10:49, 8 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Please check

there are some new articles such as Mawawa a.k.a mzimu wa Shehondo or Kwemuae_au_Komeo_ja_Washai. are those notable topics? And if yes, are those the right titles? --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 13:10, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Please explain it in Swahili, so the author knows. He is adding a lot of articles, some are really worthwhile, so i dont want to "tell him off" if you know what i mean. What does this one mean? What categories? --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 13:23, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Sorry, msukule it is not a dini. I do not know in English, but I can try to explain it as an "hypnotism" because the wizards and witches takes you out while you're unconsciousness and they will do whatever they like to do in you and there is nothing you can do - 'cause you're in black out. Also, they can take you forever (in the dark world) and people in the real world will consider you dead, while you're not. But this is an African belief (I do not know in Ulaya) - and I strongly oppose it to be written in Wikipedia because many people don't believe in it. Please figure it out again.--MwanaharakatiLonga 14:36, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
i thought it was dealing with something like that, but that still falls under (black magic) rituals and cults and therefore under religion in a wider sense. we currently have no category for things like that so "religion" is the highest category in this field. If people want, sw can get a subcategory within "Religion" called "Cult(s)". Those topics should be valuable (compare: en:West African Vodun), but it may take an effort to keep them on an encyclopaedic level. From my perspective i am only concerned that: anything related to this, should get written on pagetitles that are the most common (with plenty of redirects of words that basically despribe the same thing or are a major component of it). Some new user enjoy creating new articles, but if a topic is spread out over dozens of stubs, that doesnt help the reader. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:28, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
That's right. My Kamusi says: cult n 1 (also religion) madhehebu.

2 upendo wa mtu (kwa kitu, kazi, mchezo n.k.). 3 kikundi cha watu wanaopenda sana vitu vya kisasa, mitindo ya kisasa n.k. - it's pretty much the same as the English Wikipedia's articles says. And of course the guy still enjoying spreading many stubs! Also, I've tried to google msukule again on the Swahili's news papers and other media but still unsuccessful. I do not know what to do.--MwanaharakatiLonga 15:56, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

I found plenty msukule, but dont know what they are talking about. How about a :Jamii:Madhehebu, for cults anywhere in the world. What about Kwemuae_au_Komeo_ja_Washai? --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 16:44, 14 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
And so do I, but what's written is completely different. They are not talking about msukule subject - but talking someone who have been taken msukule. As for the new article, it's about the place where bad people (people who are taking other people to msukule world) getting judgment. I meant, they taking charges on them in public. Everybody will see the judgment. But this is only a story from Bumbuli ward and I've never heard such a thing. In my opinion, I guess all this story from one ward, why don't we combine all this information into one article? What do you think? Because it's just a small sentence which require no article!--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:09, 15 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

I am not well familiar with cults like that, but my idea is as this: A) if it is related to something that is universally referred to (like en:hell) it should be a redirect to "hell". B) If it is related to distinctive Native African cults only, it should get its own article, but under a name, which is known to most people. C) If it is related to just a single African cult, but has identical or similar meanings in other cults, it should be a redirect to "B)". See en:Last Judgment (which may be related to abrahamic religions only, but already has many redirect and/possible names).

For minor topics WITHIN a (minor) cult, that happen to get articles, while 98% of that cult is not mentioned in sw:wp, we may just let it be, and when an article for the cult gets written, all the stubs get collected into this cult-article. Like: If there was an article on Homer Simpson, he would eventually be integrated into "The Simpsons" (as a parapraph), and his name will become a redirect to "The Simpsons". Would that work? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 09:31, 15 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Muddy, please see Majadiliano:Bumbuli. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 09:26, 16 Septemba 2010 (UTC)
Hi there. What a coincidence, the guy gave me a call in this morning and we planed to meet face-to-face on this Saturday and I'm pretty sure we'll clear the obscure which have been tormenting us for quite sometime now. That was the good news. The bad news is, now I'm sitting next to my boss and I can't even login to my account! However, it is a matter of two weeks only! Sorry if I'm delaying to respond the messages. Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga 10:00, 16 Septemba 2010 (UTC)


Salaam Muddy, naombe uangalie barua pepe. Nimekupa swali. Kipala (majadiliano) 14:07, 20 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Kura ya kuondoa wakabidhi waliopotea

Samahani nimeingilia katika sehemu uliyoandika; naogopa kama kila mtu anaongeza sentensi itakuwa ndefu kwa hiyo natumaini wengine wataongeza jina tu. Ukiona ilikuwa kosa basi rudishe hali ya awala na unisamehe. Kipala (majadiliano) 17:18, 29 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Kura ya kuondoa wakabidhi waliopotea

Samahani nimeingilia katika sehemu uliyoandika; naogopa kama kila mtu anaongeza sentensi itakuwa ndefu kwa hiyo natumaini wengine wataongeza jina tu. Ukiona ilikuwa kosa basi rudisha hali ya awali na unisamehe. Kipala (majadiliano) 17:23, 29 Septemba 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the welcome

Hi Muddyb Blast Producer, I'm more or less active in over 60 projects on Wikipedia. Now also in swahili and korean. Of course I don't speak all those languages, just fluent english, with farious dialects, my mother language german and a few words in french, russian etc. Therefore it would be great, if you'd maintain my user page sentences. It's Google-swahili and that's why it can't be perfect. If you want, you can check out my english user page. Thanks again. Joerg, the BajanZindy (majadiliano) 19:35, 7 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)


Salam, ChriKo! Eti umeona huo ukurasa huo hapo juu? Unaenda katika Wikipedia ya Kiingereza, huruma - sijui hao Chipmunks ni panya au namna gani. Je, unaweza kuumba ukurasa wa Chipmunk japo kwa Kiswahili? Au hata ukielezea namna uonavyo kwa kitaalamu zaidi? Haya, ni hilo ombi langu. Wako Muddyb au,--MwanaharakatiLonga 09:07, 11 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)

Muddyb, salaam. Ndiyo, nimeona ukurasa huo. Chipmunk ni aina ya kindi ambaye anaishi ardhini. Nikipata nafasi ningeweza kuumba ukurasa wa chipmunk, lakini isingekuwa mzuri zaidi niumbe ukurasa wa kindi kwanza? Wako, Christiaan. ChriKo (majadiliano) 13:31, 14 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)
Nitashukuru kama nini ukiandika makala yake!--MwanaharakatiLonga 17:35, 16 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)

AWB mbegu

Hi, MuddyB, the First Method of geo stub creation is to make a list of redlinks and then use Prepend text to add a generic page (a jenasi; -a ainasafu; -a kuhusu -ote) (with infobox, ramani, text, mbegu, jamii, interwiki) to the blank article in the AWB. ... After practicing with this you can use a "two-step process" that takes less time: make 1st article using %%PAGENAME%% and then edit the new article to change %%PAGENAME%% "Greensboro, North Carolina" to "Greensboro". ... These articles are very helpful: / / en:Regex. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 12:32, 8 Novemba 2010 (UTC)


Kwa kazi yako hapa Wikipedia!

I don't think the hard-working contributors are praised enough, so here is a barnstar for your amazing work and dedication to the Swahili Wikipedia. :-) Jon Harald Søby (majadiliano) 13:41, 16 Novemba 2010 (UTC)

Fundraiser Update

I want to thank you for your help translating the Kiswahili core messages, we have a few more translations needed in order to build the donation landing pages in Kiswahili. Currently, the Jimmy Appeal needs to be translated as it has yet to be done. You can find all translation requests at the translation hub on meta and you can follow the progress of the fundraiser in real time by tracking the fundraiser statistics. Also if you haven't already, you can subscribe to the translators-l mailing list for all new requests and major changes. Many thanks for your help in truly making this a global fundraiser that you can edit.Klyman (majadiliano) 21:14, 1 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Ufalme wa Buyeo

Excuse me? How do you find this reference? This reference is the most under-appreciated reference in south korea. This sites have 'nonmainstream' for view of history. I'm afraid for this links. So I'm delete this sites. Thank you. --Idh0854 (majadiliano) 12:46, 7 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Hi, what do you mean by saying that you're deleting the site? Which references are you having doubt with? Please you need elaborate it in details. Thank you,--MwanaharakatiLonga 13:26, 7 Desemba 2010 (UTC)
Oh, sorry. 'Site' is mean that 'delete ref of this link'. This delete ref include blog and under-appreciated history viewpoint. So, I wonder how you find this. Thank you. --Idh0854 (majadiliano) 02:44, 8 Desemba 2010 (UTC)
Okay, since I don't get what you want, I'm probably let you do what you need to do then I'll see what I can do after you finish what are you at.--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:22, 8 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Dini TZ

Naendelea hapa. Muddy asante kwa kunidokeza ukurasa ule nimefurahia kwa sababu ninakusanya hadithi za aina hii. Siamini neno lolote mle lakini napenda kukusanya hadithi ambamo kundi fulani linashtakiwa kulenga ama kuharibu dunia yote au kutaka kuitawala. Nimezoea kuona hadithi nyingi juu ya Wayahudi; siku hizi zaidi na zaidi kuhusu mipango ya siri ya Uislamu. Nimejua pia hadithi za aina hii juu ya Free Masons. Sasa hii juu ya Majesuiti ni mara ya kwanza ninaiona nikijua ilikuwa fesheni sana hadi karne ya 19 kumbe nafurahi kuona mfano wa karne ya 21! Samahani naona hadithi hii inakufanya kuwa na mawazo lakini mimi siamini neno moja humo. Kipindi Majesuiti walikuwa chama kilichotafuta utawala ilifanya kazi kama secret Service ni miaka 300 - 150 liyopita na kwisha. Mambo haya ni somo langu sina wasiwasi. Kile nichachohisi Sumbawanga (nikishangaa sana) ni ushamba mtupu na kiongozi wa kanisa kule (siwajui lakini) kujisikia hana mipaka. Ninahisi ya kwamba wenzake watampigia breki na ya kwamba wameshaanza kimya. Kipala (majadiliano) 21:21, 14 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Salam, mzee Kipala! Ni furaha yangu kuona kwamba umefurahishwa na kupendezewa na hivyo viungo. Basi hivyo ndivyo ilivyokuwa na naona sasa ulimwengu wetu wa Kitanzania unaelekea pabaya. Yaani, dhahiri tunaelekea pabaya na watakaotupeleka pabaya ni hao kina Jesuiti kwani hupenda kujifanya wao wapo juu. Kwa kupitia siasa, watafanikiwa kwa sababu tayari washapanda mizizi yao kwenye chama cha CHADEMA ambacho kina mwelekeo sawa na ule wa kina Jesuiti. Kwa vile yule mkuu wao kwa Tanzania kafa toka mwaka wa 1999, basi kwao amani hakuna na wanataka vyovyote iwe ili wawe madarakani. Tayari wameshaanza kupishana na baadhi ya wanachama wa kisiasa ambao wanahisi katika lile pandikizi lao la CHADEMA wataleta shida. Hawataki hata kuwaona na juzi tu, walijaribu kumwekea sumu afe mmoja wao katika hao. Mzee wangu, siasa nyingi zimeleta shida duniani na kina Jesuiti wanatumia siasa kuua watu na watu wa Tanzania watakufa kwa kiasi kikubwa ifikapo mwaka wa 2015. Mungu akikuweka uzima nami pia nikiwa hai, basi utasikia! Kila la kheri.--MwanaharakatiLonga 09:29, 15 Desemba 2010 (UTC)
Samahani nadhani hujanielewa (au uliacha kusoma mapema?). Nasema siamini neno 1 ya tovuti hii juu ya wayesuiti madai haya yote kuanzia Titanic hadi Vita Kuu I + II si kweli. Hata hivyo nimefurahia kuiona maana ninakusanya taarifa kama hii kuhusu shirika za siri zinazoambiwa eti wanataka kutawala dunia kama vile Wayahudi, Free Masons, Waislamu - na sasa pia Jesuits! Je una dokezo kama Jesuit wako Rukwa? Hata kama wapo au hawapo: Hakika kuwatenga waumini kadhaa kule Sumbawanga si njia ya kutawala TZ wala dunia. Usiogope! Kipala (majadiliano) 15:10, 15 Desemba 2010 (UTC)
Pole mzee Kipala. Nimekuelewa fika!!! Ila tu, na mimi nimejaribu kukueleza kile kinachoendelea nchini kwetu. Mzee Kipala, nchi yetu inaaka moto wa chinichini ambao watu wa nje hawauoni. LAKINI ukipenda kusoma habari tofauti-tofauti kuhusiana na habari fulani-fulani, basi waweza fananisha habari fulani zinazotokea kwa kipindi fulani. Kaa ukijua kwamba nimekuelewa vya kutosha na wala sisemi uamini yale yaliyosemwa mule wala kitu gani. Ila tu, mambo yakitokea, basi tunarejea! mengineyo nitakucheki kwenye barua pepe. Salam tele kutoka mjini Buguruni, Ilala, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!--MwanaharakatiLonga 16:49, 15 Desemba 2010 (UTC)
Sitaki na siwezi kusema juu ya hali ya TZ ya ndani maana niko mbali mno. Ila tu tovuti juu ya Jesuiti haifai kama marejeo kwa hali yoyote. Haina ukweli na waandishi akili yao si kawaida. Nafurahi kusikia zaidi kutoka kwako. Kipala (majadiliano) 22:07, 15 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Heri ya Krismasi na furaha ya Mwaka Mpya 2011!

Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!
Thanks for the translation. I had to use Google and we know, they're not perfect. Keep following my edits, please.
Joerg, the Flag of Barbados.svg BajanZindy (majadiliano) 21:53, 24 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Don't worry big brother! That is how we do in Wikipedia, aye? Cheers!--MwanaharakatiLonga 04:35, 26 Desemba 2010 (UTC)

Maneno mapya

Muddyb, salaam na heri za mwaka mpya! Nakuuliza rai yako kuhusu maneno mapya mawili. Nataka kutafsiri "parastism" na "brood/breading" kwa Kiswahili. Kwa ile ya kwanza gani ni mzuri, "udusio" au "udusia"? Na "uatamio" litafaa kwa ile ya mbili? Asante kwa maoni yako. ChriKo (majadiliano) 13:16, 2 Januari 2011 (UTC)

ChriKo, wanipa mtihani mkubwa mno. Labda kwa parastism iwe "ushirika"?

Kwa upande wa BROOD - kamusi yangu inasema:

brood n makinda/vifaranga yalioanguliwa pamoja; vitoto vya wanyama wengine vilivyoanguliwa kwa pamoja; (joc) kundi la watoto. ~-hen n koo la kuku. ~-mare n farasi jike. vi 1 (of birds) atamia. 2 ~ (over/on) (fig) waza sana, fikiri sana, tafakari. ~y adj (of hens) -nayo kokoreka; (fig) (of persons) -lio kanyaga chechele. ~er n koo la kuku


Sijui unaonaje kwa upande wako?--MwanaharakatiLonga 05:36, 3 Januari 2011 (UTC)

Asante kwa vidokezi vyako, lakini nafikiri kwamba "ushirika" ni kinyume cha "parasitism". "To parasitise" ni "kudusia" na "parasite" ni "kidusia", kwa hivyo nilifikiri kubuni "udusio" au labda "udusia". Neno hili halionekani katika kamusi yo yote. Ninaandika ukurasa kuhusu ndege ambao wataga mayai yao katika matago ya ndege wengine. Kwa Kiingereza hii inaitwa "brood parasitism". Nataka kutafsiri istilahi hii kwa "udusio wa uatamio". Unaonaje? ChriKo (majadiliano) 06:52, 7 Januari 2011 (UTC)
Naomba kuchangia kidogo. Sijui "kudusia" una uhakika juu yake? Nikichungulia kamusi za TUKI zinaelekea "kimelea". KKS: "Kimelea - nm (vi-) mdudu au mmea unaoishi kwa kuvitegemea viumbe au mimea mingine"
Wazi zadi ni TUKI-Kamusi ya shule za msingi. Ina kimelea1 na kimelea2.
"kimelea1 nomino (vimelea) [a-/wa-] mdudu anayeishi kwa kunyonya damu za wanyama wengine: Kupe ni kimelea mmojawapo anayedhuru mifugo."
"Kimelea2 nomino (vimelea) [ki-/vi-] mmea unaoota juu ya mimea mingine:Niliona kimelea juu ya mwembe."
Kutokana na mifano hii naona "umelea" unaweza kufaa zaidi.
Kuhusu "uatamio" - je itaeleweka? Je siyo "otamio" ingeeleweka raisi zaidi? (asili ni ku-ota > ku-otamia inayotokea pia kama ku-atamia). "Makinda" si ile unayotafuta? Nikichezea maneno "Umelea wa makinda" - hapana inaweza kueleweka kama "parasitism of chicks". Heri "umelea kimakinda"?
Labda kwa kutumia "kiota" maana kiota ni mahali pa umelea kati ya ndege. "Umelea wa kiota" (ni njia nyingine ya kutaja hali husika ukiangalia interwiki ya makala ya Kiingereza)? Kipala (majadiliano) 06:23, 8 Januari 2011 (UTC)

Nimekurupuka pale mwanzo. Lakini tafsiri ya mnyonyaji inabaki kama Kipala alivyopendekeza lile neno la kwanza kabla ya pli, yaani, "Umelea wa Makinda". Mengineyo: tuone!!!--MwanaharakatiLonga 08:33, 8 Januari 2011 (UTC)

Kipala na Muddyb. Inawezekana hamjui maana ya kidusia kwa sababu ninyi si wanabiolojia, na kamusi za TUKI si nzuri sana kuhusu biolojia. Mimi na wenzi wangu wanatumia kidusia kwa maana ya “animal parasite” na kimelea kwa maana ya “plant parasite”. Ikiwa ni wadudu, wengine wanatumia kimelea, wengine (pamoja na mimi) kidusia. Maana ya asili ya kudusia ni “live or feed off someone, i.e. parasitise”. Kumelea inamaanisha “grow on or in or overgrow”. Kumea inatumika kwa mimea. Ndege hawamelei lakini wanaweza kudusia.
Kuhusu “brood”, nimeghairi. Nimeamua kutumia “udusio wa kiota”, kwa sababu kidusia ni kinda anayeishi katika kiota. Mtu wo wote asipokubali asahihishe istilahi hii.
Kwangu hii inaonekana nzuri tu. Ila tu: Kwa nini unachagua "udusiO" badala ya "udusiA"? Kuhusu maana ya ku-dusia nakubali; nilifuata hapa kamusi ya shule ya msingi wa TUKI. Lakini ilhali kamusi hizi zina makosa nakubali chaguo lako ni karibi zaidi kwenye maana ya kimsingi ya neno. Hapa naona inafaa kuongeza kwa mabano matumizi ya TUKI tukianzisha makala ya "udusio" au "kidusia", pia kuweka kielekezo juu ya makala tunapoandika "kimelea" / "umelea". Kipala (majadiliano) 07:31, 9 Januari 2011 (UTC)
Asante Kipala. Nimeelewa kwamba "a" hubadilika katika "o", ukigeuza kitenzi katika nomino ya kudhania (k.m. uainisho, uelekeo, ufunuo n.k.), lakini sina hakika. Kidokezi chako kuandika makala kuhusu udusio ni kizuri. Nitaifanya siku moja. ChriKo (majadiliano) 20:18, 9 Januari 2011 (UTC)


Asante, ndugu, kwa kulinda majadiliano yangu. Tena kwa salamu hali ya kukabidhi tasnifu. Nimefurahi mno! Wasalaam, --BT (yaani Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 12:39, 19 Februari 2011 (UTC))

Usitaje, ndugu we!--MwanaharakatiLonga 16:19, 19 Februari 2011 (UTC)


Hello, I'm sorry to bother you but I would like to ask you for a favor and create these articles on this Wikipedia for me? You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it would be nice to see her article here. Thank you for reading this message and have a good day. If you have any questions please message me.

Articles requesting:

If you aren't able to create these articles, can you advised someone who can be of any assistant? Thank you, AJona1992 (majadiliano) 17:37, 9 Machi 2011 (UTC)

Viungo vya mwili

Muddy, salaam. Nina ombi. Niliwahi kuanzisha makala juu ya viungo vya mwili na hao vijana wa mashindano ya makala za afya waliendelea. Makala hizi zote zinahitaji kuangaliwa kwa sababu Wakenya (nadhani) waliunda sentensi za ajabu kidogo na pia mara nyingi walikosa viungo. Nikiingia hapa nakiri udhaifu: kwa Wasafwa na Wanyakyusa nilipojifunza Kiswahili na baadaye Nairobi sijasikia kitu kingine ila "mkono" na "mguu". Kumbe. Sasa nimetengeneza picha ya mkono nikilenga kutaja sehemu zake kuanzia bega kupitia kisugidi hadi kiganja. Lakini ninahisi ya kwamba sina uhakika kwa sababu sina uzoefu kutaja sehemu zile (yooote mkono!) na kamusi zangu si wazi sana; mara nyingi maelezo si kamili, yanaingiliana maana au kuna maneno kadhaa na mimi sijui lipi ni afadhali. Je unajua wewe majina haya au unaweza kuchungulia kidogo? Tuanze kumaliza mkono baadaye inafuata mguu na mengine! Namwuliza pia Riccado ni vema kusikia kutoka Morogoro pia. Asante ndimi wako Kipala (majadiliano) 08:40, 10 Aprili 2011 (UTC)

Batilishisha akaunti yangu

Salamu Kaka,Ningependa kubatilisha akaunti yangu kwenye sw:wp.Naomba msaada wako HAPA

Shukrani Kaka.Najitayirisha tu kuja kwa kishindo katika sw:wp.Natazamia tutadiliana kwa kina jinsi ya kuboresha wiki yetu.

Mpmayenge (majadiliano) 14:07, 19 Aprili 2011 (UTC)


Muddy, Oliver salaam! Najua mna kazi nyingi siku hizi poleni lakini naomba ushauri wenu kuhusu mchangiaji mgeni Mjanja. Naona si msemaji wa lugha hadi sasa anaandika makala mbegu na anajadiliana kwa Kiingereza tu. Ameingia kwa mbio pia naona ana uwezo wa kujifunza haraka kwa hiyo akibaki anaweza kuendelea kuwa mwenzetu anayesaidia kujenga sw. Kwa upande mwingine ameonyesha tabia kadhaa kama vile kubadilisha makala bila maelezo n.k. ambayo labda ni shauri la kuwa mgeni. Sasa ameanza kwa mbio kubadilisha majina ya makala na kuhamisha makala na inahusu makala nilizoanzisha mimi ni afadhali kiutaratibu kama mmoja wenu anaweza kuangalia mambo. Alianza na majina ya nchi - hapa ni wazi tunahitaji majadiliano ya kuendelea. Ameendelea kwa majina ya sayari hadi kuleta mashtaki Majadiliano:Utaridi nikimjibu itaelekea upande ambao hadi sasa hatujakuwa nao yaani "vita ya uhariri". Habari za fujo la majina ya sayari zilijadiliwa miaka kadhaa iliyopita haleti kitu kipya. Sidhani ya kwamba anaelewa chote nilichomwandikia kwa Kiswahili. Picha yangu ni anakaa mbele ya kamusi zake sijui wapi na hapa anaona nuru basi penginepo giza. Sitaki kupoteza muda kuvutana juu ya hayo lakini pia si sawa kumwacha mgeni aliyefika juzi tu (bila uwezo wa kuandika sentensi 3,4 za Kiswahili -hadi sasa) kukoroga makala. Kipala (majadiliano) 10:48, 23 Aprili 2011 (UTC)

Makala ya wiki

Muddy usipoona tatizo naomba unieleza siri ya kubadilisha makala zinazoningia katika "makala ya wiki". Nimejaribu kubdilisha majina ya makala lakini ilishindikana. Unatumia ushirikina gani? Kipala (majadiliano) 15:29, 28 Aprili 2011 (UTC)

Mzee wangu, salam! Pole kwa shida - ha ha ha sina ushirikina! Kwanza unaongeza namba kwenye Wikipedia:Makala ya wiki: mfano pale mwisho sita, basi unaongeza | 7 = Makala unayoitaka. Kisha unakuja Wikipedia:Makala ya wiki/Jina la makala ambayo inaonekana katika namba saba ya = xxxx Kisha unatengeneza makala kwenye - yaani, una-nakili kutoka katika mahali pa kurasa nyingine kisha unaandika yale unayoyataka yasipishane na yale wenzake! LAKINI kumbuka unatakiwa uingize kwenye sehemu Makala ya wiki/Jina la makala... Ukiwa hujanipata, basi nitajaribu zaidi! Wako,--MwanaharakatiLonga 16:30, 28 Aprili 2011 (UTC)

Article requests

Hi! Do you do article requests?

If so, would you mind making stubs in Swahili of the following?

Also, are you in the Nairobi area? If so, do you do photo requests? I would like to get photos of some buildings in and around JKIA.

Thanks, WhisperToMe (majadiliano) 10:54, 11 Mei 2011 (UTC)

Hello, pal! A) I'm not living in Nairobi - I'm living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. B) I'm currently very busy at work - can't even create those articles which you asked me to. C) You may go to m:Wikimedia Kenya where you could be able to request whatever related with the Kenyan thing, mate! Very sorry. Sincerely, Muddyb au--MwanaharakatiLonga 11:41, 11 Mei 2011 (UTC)
Alrighty - thank you so much for the tip! I'll see if I can find somebody who is able to complete the requests. :) WhisperToMe (majadiliano) 07:32, 23 Mei 2011 (UTC)

Deletion request

Hi ! Can you please delete the page Marumo_Okitę because of crosswiki spam ? This page have been created on few others wikis (e.g. hifwiki, klwiki, ocwiki, etc.) with no useful content… Regards, Toto Azéro (majadiliano)

Yes check.svg Imefanyika. Au revoir.--MwanaharakatiLonga 15:46, 21 Juni 2011 (UTC)


Muddy naomba unisadie! Nimeongeza ukurasa Wikipedia:Mwongozo_(Anzisha_makala) na nimejaribu kuiingiza katika jedwali juu ya makala penye tabs; nimeipa namba "3" na kwa hiyo nimejaribu kusahihisha namba zote kwenye ile mstari wa kigezo kuwa juu. Ila tu haionyeshi. Sijui kama mimi mwenyewe nilipanga ile jedwali huko mwanzo au ni nani aliyefanya. Je unajua njia ionekane?? Kipala (majadiliano) 15:47, 25 Juni 2011 (UTC)

Makala za mamalia

Kipala na Muddyb, salaam. Nawaandikia tena kuhusu rafiki yetu Mjanja. Ameanzisha makala nyingi kuhusu mamalia ambao hawatokei Afrika. Pengine naweza kukubali majina anayotumia, lakini kuna mengine ambayo ameyabuni kabisa au anayatumia kwa njia mbaya. Sidhani ni mzuri kama msemaji asiye mwenyeji anabuni majina mapya. Tafadhali hii ifanywe na wataalamu wa kienyeji. Majina nisiyoyakubali ni yafuatayo:

  • Sloth - Mvivu-miti
  • Platypus - Domobata
  • Anteater - Mhanga mkubwa
  • Echidna - Mhanganungu
  • Horseshoe crab - Kaangao
  • Skunk - Kinyegere
  • Beaver - Panyabuku-maji
  • Gila monster - Dubwana-gila
  • Tasmanian tiger - Thilasini
  • Marten - Konje

Mnajua wataalamu (wanazoolojia) ambao watakubali kubuni majina ya wanyama haya kwa Kiswahili? Zamani nimeandikia wanazoolojia katika Tanzania na Kenya, lakini hakuna mtu aliyejibu. ChriKo (majadiliano) 23:07, 20 Julai 2011 (UTC)

Mohamed ElGedawy → محمد الجداوي

Hi, I want to change my name from: "Mohamed ElGedawy" to: "محمد الجداوي", Because i have changed my username on many wikipedias.--Mohamed ElGedawy (majadiliano) 07:42, 14 Agosti 2011 (UTC)

Imefanyika. / Done. --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 12:15, 14 Agosti 2011 (UTC)


Hi sir. I made a request for bot flag here.--محمد الجداوي (majadiliano) 15:07, 28 Agosti 2011 (UTC)