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Archive Hii ni ukurasa wa Hifadhi ya Majadiliano ya Awali. Usihariri ukurasa huu usiongeze wala kupunguza kitu.
Ukitaka kujadiliana upya mambo yaliyomo humo nenda kwa ukurasa wa majadiliano ya sasa.

The Lion King

I saw you improve The Fox and the Hound, but not The Lion King. How come? 23:20, 17 Mei 2009 (UTC)

Yeah. I've seen it, but I was pretty busy with something else! But you have my words - I'll definitely make it look good. Just for you.. Cheers...--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:59, 18 Mei 2009 (UTC)
  Imefanyika.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 13:26, 21 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Can you do more? At least get it up to Magnificent Seven standards? And which title should it have? English or Swahili? 20:46, 22 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Nope. That won't be possible because I have not seen the movie! What you've seen on the article of The Magnificent Seven and The Sixth Sense - it is because I've seen them that is why I could be able to make it so far!!! The problem is the grammar which are used in the article's pretty hard to me to explain them in Swahili! That is only information I've got so far! And the name of the film will remain as it is (whether English or Swahili)! Cheers..--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 05:02, 23 Mei 2009 (UTC)
OK, how about this? Or this? 13:30, 23 Mei 2009 (UTC)
That won't help anything - cause I can't watch them while I am at work. And I do not have Internet at home, so, maybe you'll have to wait until I get both movie and watch them..Ooohh, wait untill I give further notice.. Cheers..--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 17:18, 24 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Wait, does this mean that you work for Wikipedia? Wow! Do you think anyone or a friend of yours might have seen the movies or could work on it? Or do you have a video rental store nearby where you might could rent it or something? If not, how did you first see the other two movies? Are there any Disney movies you've seen? 20:25, 24 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Hey, dude. I am not working for Wikipedia... I am working for the certain company which provides food products! In Wikipedia, I am working as volunteer just like others doings. I told you to wait because I might have sometimes to check for the grammar which is written in the article - and try translating a bit.. Yes, I have seen movies which produced/distributed by the Disney, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many-many others.. But for the animation film, not more than The Wonderful World of Disney but a few. By the way, why don't you log in before to add anything?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:41, 25 Mei 2009 (UTC)
I thought that I mentioned that I couldn't after what happened on Spanish, remember the user talk page? And if you'd seen Narnia then why doesn't it have an article? So can I get an answer about how you'd seen it? Is it that you saw it on TV? And what's ironic to me, even hilarious, is that this movie has a lion king just like the lion king does, and remember when they meat that nice fox? That was like the adult Tod in The Fox and the Hound... (who's voiced by Micky Rooney). So are there any of the animations that you've seen? I remember back in late October, before the Tinker Bell movie came out, they had Peter Pan on TV and a behind-the-scenes to inbetween commercials with Raven from That's So Raven. Do you remember that or did you not see it? Oh well, bye-bye for now. If you can get me some info, I can expand the pages maybe. Is this a hard language or not? 20:57, 26 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Yes, I've seen the Narnia, but it wasn't good enough to make me create the article for it. But if you wish, I'll try my best. The answer for the film is, I've seen them because I bought from the store. As for the Lion King, I've seen them through TV, but it's been long a go since I was a young boy. So I can't remember anything then. By the way, who are you anyway - cause you are so eager to know/create the articles which has been produced/distributed by the Disney Company. Please, send my regards to the buddies who likes so much the Disney Products (just like you). Cheers..--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 08:42, 30 Mei 2009 (UTC)
Would you mind if I reminded you of The Lion King? (I'm asking 'cause I don't wanna spoil it). Do they not have Disney videos at the store? And yeah, I love Disney, with my all time faves being The Fox and the Hound and The Lion King. I kinda agree with you about Narnia, but I just want it if it's Disney. They are the best movie company ever in my opinion. P. S. Have you seen yet? If they have theatres in your area, see it for the time of your live! 01:11, 31 Mei 2009 (UTC)
No problem, sir. I will try my best  Eventhough it's not quite easy to explain what you've not viewed!!! About the UP, I've not seen it. It'll take sometimes to reach our continent (maybe after one month and more). By the way, nowadays I don't like to watch an animation film. I'll write short stub in the article (The Lion King). By the way, why don't you send me the film if you really care (kidding)... Cheers..--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:32, 1 Juni 2009 (UTC)
The additional text for The Lion King has been added! See the article now. Hope that's help! Cheers..--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 11:12, 5 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Great! Did you see the movie? What about The Fox and the Hound? 22:58, 5 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Nope, sir. I've not seen the movie! I just translated it from the English Wikipedia! It was quite hard work, but I tried it... As for the FOX and the HOUND, that will take much time - cause I've got so many things to do in this wiki! Maybe I'll help but don't be so sure with that!!! Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 05:32, 6 Juni 2009 (UTC)


Jambo! Hi! I hope, you remember me, some weeks ago I made the Hungarian translation of the Swahili wikipedia for you. could you translate something for me to my "majadiliano yangu"-page? :) The text is this:



Párvusz (born as Norbert Kiss, Budapest, Hungary, 1st March, 1981) is a Hungarian grafic artist. He studied in Budapest and in Szeged. He is a Christian, so also the Christianity plays role in his art.

Style and works

His main style is the black Indian ink, sometimes he works with aquarell, but usually he mades his works in balack and white. The inflection of the Hungarian Endre Szász and the Dutch M. C. Escher is seen in his works. This style was born in 2004, the main characteristics are to draw several squares and connect the themes between them. One of his first works with this style was the Homeland in 2004. In 2009 he started to burn on woods.

Some of his works were exhibited in Norway.


External links

Thank you! --Eino81 (majadiliano) 20:27, 27 Mei 2009 (UTC)

Hello, Eino. I did not understand the main aim of the request which you added into my talk page. Is this the article or personal details for your user page?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:57, 30 Mei 2009 (UTC)

Habari ya asubuhi?

Bwana Muddyb, salaam! Naona upo.

Ulivyotaja ukurasani mwangu nimekuteua uchaguliwe kuwa msimamizi mkuu pamoja nasi (b'crat). Uuangalie ukurasa wa wakabidhi.

Haya, kazi njema! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 08:22, 28 Mei 2009 (UTC)


Bwana Muddyb, hongera! Umechaguliwa kuwa bureaucrat ukiwa umepata kura 7, na hakuna aliyepinga uteuzi wako. Nitaendelea kuangalia mambo ya usimamizi mara kwa mara. Waswahili husema "Kuishi ni kusaidiana". Hongera tena! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 22:37, 31 Mei 2009 (UTC)


angalia ujumbe kwa barua pepe. --Kipala (majadiliano) 20:18, 1 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Hamna shida!

Congradulations, Muddyb, and you're more than welcome! -James Jhendin (majadiliano) 22:50, 2 Juni 2009 (UTC)


Hi Muddyb :) I am Berkay0652 in Turkish Wikipedia. Sorry for my late response. I was so busy and had an exam week recently. I have just finished the template you had wanted me to make. I hope it fulfills your need. I also want to say something; the city Bingol, must be Bingöl. And Istanbul must be İstanbul. Can you redirect them to the true ones? Thanks. Cheers. Stay in touch.:) -- 11:24, 4 Juni 2009 (UTC)

New message

Hi, thanks for your welcome back, of course I enjoy working here but sooner or later it gets a little too complicated for me - it's not like it's sitting around drinking coffee and practicing kiswahili - it's an online encyclopedia! Thanks again for your message. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:43, 9 Juni 2009 (UTC)

NBA kwa sw

Salaam Bwana Muddyb! Aka, kuhusu "National Basketball Association" umenipa kazi. Sijawahi kuiona kwa Kiswahili. Hata wanablogu wanatumia NBA. Ila "association" tungeweza kufasiri kama: ushirika, jumuiya au chama. Sasa sijui itakuwaje: "Jumuiya ya Taifa ya Mpira wa Kikapu"? Au "Ushirika wa Mpira wa Kikapu wa Kitaifa"? Au ... ?!? Tusianzishe istilahi mpya bila kupata shauri kutoka kwa wataalamu kama wale wa TUKI. Pole sana! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 09:03, 10 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Ee! Nadhani nimeipata: "Chama cha Mpira wa Kikapu Marekani (NBA)" - ndivyo ilivyoitwa humo. Hata waandishi wengine hukubali. Nitasogeza makala sasa hivi. Wasalaam! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 09:16, 10 Juni 2009 (UTC)

City notes

To be written:--Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 14:47, 10 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Government of Tanzania

Hi, the "Ministry of ..." articles at w:en:Category:Government of Tanzania might be easily written into Kiswahili. I wrote most all of them recently, so they should be quite accurate in general. See also w:en:Federal institutions of Tanzania, w:en:Template:Tanzanian ministries and agency articles including:

...which I have worked on. Cheers. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:16, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)

    • If I had more Kiswahili, I would write them myself. They are very simple. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:28, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Doesn't the Tanzanian government produce online information in Kiswahili? That would be really convenient. I'm looking at the front page of and I don't see it. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:29, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)
So would Mamlaka ya Chombo Tanzania = Tanzania Shipping Authority; .... Mamlaka ya Usafiri wa Hewani Tanzania = Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority .... Mamlaka ya "Airport" Tanzania = Tanzania Airports Authority? Maybe? --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:46, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Agizo ya Elimu na "Technology" Tanzania .... Kampuni ya "Railways" Tanzania .... Agizo ya Nyali ...  ? --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 12:03, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Agizo ya Elimu na "Technology" Tanzania could be w:en:Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, or "COSTECH". --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 12:52, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)


I can help you to creating the cities of Turkey. (Uturiki!) I'm from Turkey. Yes, i can do it. So, what do you want to first... What city? Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

kuhusu lugha

nakushukuru kwa kunipongeza kwa Kiswahili changu. Ni sahihi unayosema, nimewahi kujifunza lugha yako nikiwepo hapa Sweden. Lakini hapa wapo Watanzania wengi na nimepata mazoezi kuzumgumza nao pamoja na kuwa na mwalimu ambaye amenifundisha. Nimetembelea Tanzania mara moja na nchi ya majirani yenu, Kenya, mara nyingine. Nikijaliwa nitarudi. Nchi yako ni pazuri.--Amina (majadiliano) 21:38, 11 Juni 2009 (UTC)


Hi! Oh, sorry for not answering for long time. I just wanted to request a translation. Now there is an article about me in the English wikipedia, you can see here. I know it's not a good thing to write about myself, but I found that not me is the only one, who did this, and now I found a list of other wikipedians, too (en:Wikipedia:Wikipedians with articles), so I think, it's ok. so, if you want, could you translate it into Swahili? --Eino81 (majadiliano) 12:05, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)

  Imefanyika. Welcome again!--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 13:42, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Thank you again, my friend. By the way, how do you like my pictures :) ? --Eino81 (majadiliano) 13:56, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
They are pretty good! And I also have request for you, can draw me? If you wish to do so, please use my image which I add on the English Wikipedia! Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 14:05, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Hmmm :) Good idea. Ok, well I'll try it. But I like the pictures better, that you uses here in Swahili profile, but if you want, I can use the English wiki-picha. :) Which one would you like to see? :) And in what style? :) --Eino81 (majadiliano) 14:11, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Well, no problem, you can use which you think it's better for you! And when do I expect to get the picha?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 14:14, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
right now I go to work (to a supermarket, even on weekend :) ), when I go home, I will plan the picha, and I used to scan it, but it could be done only in monday, so somewhere at Monday. :) --Eino81 (majadiliano) 14:16, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Wow! I'm really eager to see it. Simply I can say, wish you lucky to reach over Monday! Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 14:20, 13 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Jamii:Mbegu, Jamii:Fupi

Hi, I was looking at Jamii:Mbegu, there are very many stubs in the category, it needs subcategories. I certainly don't feel comfortable doing the necessary request application in Kiswahili, but if some subcategories are created I will spend time sorting the stubs. I don't know how may subcategories are needed now, but people and jiographia by continent or country seem like obvious places to start. Here is the link to w:en:Category:Top-level stub categories, there are 21 top categories in this category including en:Category:People stubs and en:Category:Geography stubs. Cheers. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:14, 14 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Hi there! I am really sorry for the delay! Do anything what you think is necessary to be done... Then we'll see how to co-oporate each other. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:34, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, I have made a request at Wikipedia:Jumuia#Jamii:Mbegu.--Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:40, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Miji ya Guangdong

Hi, in Jamii:Guangdong, I have created most all the cities of the province. The problem is that the kitongoji of the city is the city itself; the provinces of China are mostly composed of cities as kitongoji, so I am not sure how to provide information for subdivisions, in the template. I guess this isn't much of a problem, so this note is more of an informational note than an actual request for advice. Cheers. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:31, 14 Juni 2009 (UTC)

The same name of the city and kitongoji, it is nomarlly situation just like the provinces of the Turkey. See the city of Kocaeli and the province of Kocaeli, though I redirect it to the jimbo! But that is used to be in the cities of Turkey (the name of the capital city is the same as the provice), so, keep on, Bro. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:49, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
OK. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:41, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Infobox majimbo, Infobox mikoa

Hi, I am starting with mbegu for each Mikoa ya Japani; is there an infobox for subdivisions like the one used for settlements (i.e. Tampa)? Thanks. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:53, 14 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Currently we don't have an infobox jimbo and mikoa! You can use infobox settlement just like I use in the other place! Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:52, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
OK, thanks. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:41, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)


And lastly, should I change the spelling of Jamii:Ghuba ya Meksiko to Jamii:Ghuba ya Mexiko? .....thanks for your time. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 17:18, 14 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Nope, sir. They add it in such a way because it is in Kiswahili. So, it's better leave it as it is. If you want to make in other way, please inform Baba Tabita cause he is the one who created most of category which are in the Swahili Wikipedia!--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 06:58, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Um, actually, I created this category a few days ago, and I'm worried that "Mexiko" might be more modern than "Meksiko". This is a perfect example of my limitations here at Kiswahili Wikipedia. ... I'll leave it the way it is for the time being.--Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:37, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Okay, carry on please! Yours,--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 10:50, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)


This is me, Berkaysnklf on Turkish Wikipedia. Do you need some help about Turkey Articles in Kishwahili Wikipedia...
Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

Hi, there are so many cities and towns at Jamii:Miji ya Uturuki that have no infoboxes. I have been writing stubs with infoboxes for Jamii:Miji ya Marekani and Jamii:Miji ya Kanada. I use the infobox at Tampa as a model. ..... I'm sure if you have any questions Muddyb will be able to give you some advice on it..... Also, I was categorizing Bahari ya Marmara, Dardaneli and working with Jamii:Bahari Nyeusi, I am sure that Bahari Nyeusi is a big category, with only a few items now. Cheers. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:48, 15 Juni 2009 (UTC)
  • Bartın, ni mji uliopo nchini Uturuki. Mji huu upo katikati ya mkoa wa Anatolia(Kaskazini). Mji una wakazi wapatao 182,131 (Kwa hesabu ya mwaka wa 2008). Wilaya hizo ni pamoja na Amasra, Ulus, Kurucaşile na Bartın Merkez ambazo kila moja ni tofauti sana na nyingine. Is this paragraph right?

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • Thanks! A lot...

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • And, can you translate it to your language, This photo shows us The Bartın River and little Settlement around it.

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • But we wrote Bartın as province, Bartın Merkez is capital of The Bartın Province. So I must erase your last sentence. But you can say Bartın is a city of Black Sea Region of Turkey.

So, I must ask you a few things about translation. Can you translate theese sentences and words to Kiswahili? After, message theese things translated situations to me;

  • This photo shows us The Bartın River and little Settlement around it.

Picha hii inatuonyesha Mto Bartın na makazi madogo yaliyozunguka mto huo.

  • Bartın ni mji wa Mkoa wa Bahari Nyeusi ya Uturuki.
  • Kijani

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • Thanks for translations. And, I saw and I must move all pages of Turkey cities to Jimbo la Province Name. Because all cities are about provinces of them -not cities-.

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • But theese articles are wrong named.
    • Turkey provinces are in English;
  • Aegean Region
  • Marmara Region
  • Central Anatolia Region
  • East Anatolia Region
  • Meditteranean Region
  • Black Sea Region
  • Southeast Anatolia Region
    • Turkey counties are in Kiswahili;
  • Jimbo la Adana
  • Jimbo la İzmir
  • Jimbo la Konya
  • Jimbo la Hakkari
  • Jimbo la Bartın
  • Jimbo la İstanbul


    • Turkey cities are (For Example cities of Bartın);
  • Bartın Merkez
  • Ulus
  • Amasra
  • Kurucaşile

Is this clear? So, i must continue to moving them... Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • In Turkey county name (Example:Bartın) and capital city name of this county are similar. (Example:Bartın Merkez) Because of this, foreigners like you, sir, can't understand this system. I'm living in Turkey. I entered three Geography and one History challange and I'm studying History, Geography and Social Knowledge at school. I think, I'm know Turkey's geographical knowledge more than you.

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • Yes! I mean that. Mersin is city of Mersin like Bartın Merkez. Mersin Province is Jimbo la Mersin like Jimbo la Bartın so i did true things.

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

Look at this page. First one is Jimbo la Bartın, second one is Bartın Merkez, capital city of Jimbo la Bartın.
Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • Okay! I'll write all pages about Turkey Cities and Counties and Regions. But, not now I must log out now. I must do some things in The Turkish Wikipedia. When I have enough time, I'll create theese articles. Goodbye! To you, sir...

Shukrani; ßeRk@y-sИkLF

  • I'm writing Bartın Merkez article now. Can you translate this paragraph.

Bartın Merkez, is the capital city of the Bartın County, Turkey. It located in Black Sea Region. It's population holds 121860 people.
History: Bartın's first name is Parthenios changed to Parthenia. After years, city's name changed to last situation, Bartın.
Picture:The yellow area shows Bartın Merkez.

    • I wrote some things to the Bartın Merkez. Send a message to me, when you translated this paragraph. And i must create a disambiguation page. But there is not any disambiguation template in your language so I can't create.

Shukrani; ~--BerkayLonga--~